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The Inspirational verse!

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1 year ago

The great book Al-Quran is one of the means of gaining human inspiration. Allaah has sent down this book to inspire people. In this book, Allah has declared that He Himself is always at work. What does Allah mean by 'He is always busy'?

Allah is instructing man to obey Him. Whenever man obeys Allah, he will be safe and worry-free in this world and in the Hereafter. And that is why he is instructing people to obey and work.

People will gain dignity and respect through work. Allah Himself is not sitting still. He himself is always busy.So the people who are always busy with some or the other work, basically that person starts painting himself in the color of Allah.

This matter has come up in a short verse of the Qur'an. Those who follow this verse will be inspired to keep themselves busy at all times. And then - everything in the heavens and the earth prays to Him (Allah) for help. He is busy at every moment. '(Surah Ar-Rahman: verse 29)

In this verse, Allah has indicated to man to seek help from Him.Again, he himself is busy with the work that means, O people! Don't be lazy, keep busy.

Allaah is always busy managing the vast universe. He controls everything. People can see it only if they expand their vision a little.In the Tafseer, Ahsanul Bayan describes the work of Allah in the following way: ‘He is healing someone from a disease.Again testing someone with the disease. Making someone rich with wealth. Again, some are turning the rich into poor.Giving the kingdom to someone and taking the kingdom away from someone. You are elevating someone to a status and you are degrading someone.Someone is looking for the truth and someone is turning into an atheist. All in all, everything in the world is happening according to his will and direction.

There is no moment in the day or night when he retires from work.That is why Allah declares Himself in Ayatul Kursi: ‘Allah; there is no god but He.He is the Eternal, the Possessor of all things. Can't touch him drowsiness or sleep. Everything in the heavens and the earth is for him. '

If people think a little, it will become clearer-At one end of the earth, when people are busy with work At that moment, in another part of the world, people sleep at night.Somewhere during the prayers, people are praying to Allah for help. Again somewhere people are disobeying Allah.

Allaah guides everyone to work and sleep at this time of the day and night, and to worship or disobedience. Listen to everyone's appeal. He is giving whatever he needs according to his needs.

Somewhere, when a cyclone or a dust storm in the desert starts, people cry out to Allah for help - O Allah! God then protects the servant from it.

Again, when people are in extreme danger or when their plans fail and people suffer from despair, people still call out, O Allah!At that time Allah took man in His bosom.

In this way, Allah honors someone and humiliates others for a reason. He gives life to some through new creation and gives death to others.

In this way Allah is engaged in endless and sleepless endless work. And this has been said in verse 29 of Surah Ar-Rahman.

This verse inspires people to work all the time. To pray to him immediately. Teaches him to apologize.

May Allaah grant the Muslim Ummah the Tawfeeq to learn from this short verse of Surah Ar-Rahman and to be engaged in constructive welfare work at all times. Ameen.

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Written by   28
1 year ago
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