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Passive BTC income with Graviex Exchange GIO coin.

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6 months ago (Last updated: 2 months ago)

Passive earning in BTC can be started almost immediately. Holding more than 1000 GIO coins (appr. 0.3 USD) on Graviex exchange can earn daily interest that depend on the exchange turnover. In my computation, this is more than 5% apy but it is not a guarantee.

  • This post is not a financial advise but only illustration on how this technology can be tested with no or negligible investment below 1 USD. And this is better to test it with no investment at all.

Alternative to daily earning is 50% discount on trading. To enable earning, dividend option should be turned to "yes"

It is possible to change between dividends and a trading discount once per 3 days. It is better to get discount option first, before having 1000 GIO or with frequent exchanges, and then switch to dividends.

There are several options to get required amount if GIO

  1. Acquire 10 daily GIO free from the Graviex

    faucet plus converting other free coins like DOGE. With about 20GIO per day this will require 2 months claiming. (Update 2021: Currently not available)

  2. Add coins from other faucets like Pipeflare(there are ZEC and DASH on Graviex but I gave not tried these), Cointiply or DOGE Click bot. It is about 100 DOGE required to convert to GIO and start earning interest. DOGE click bot maybe a quick way to test Graviex deposit and exchange. Which works without any problem to me.

  3. Send o.5 to 1usd in DOGE or BCH from or any other wallet or service. There is no direct BCH to GIO pair on Graviex. If BCH is sent, it should be exchanged to BTC or else first. It is better to send not less than 1USD to qualify to minimum exchange for BTC.

It is better to send DOGE and there is no minimum to exchange. Even 0.5 DOGE from the faucet can be exchanged immediately and fees seems very low (0.2% or half of it). There is an option to send DOGE from

It is logical to start with a faucet, check functionality and then do additional research before doing anything else or investing even 1usd.

Graviex can be accessed with email but all functions require 2FA, which is good but make sure codes are backed up or Google's authentificator is installed on a second devise. That if one is lost, other can be used to login instead.

Once again, this post is not a financial advise, just s way to test Graviex exchange. I am not connected to this service and can not guarantee anything. All numbers are illustrations. Always do your own research.

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Written by   103
6 months ago (Last updated: 2 months ago)
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