Key 2021 Motivators@home

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New Year Day is good for setting right goals. Sharing these motivators to influence more ideas and thoughts.

  1. BOINC and einstein@home motivators. Find a new pulsar by computing on PC or a mobile phone. BOINC can also be combined with GRC coins with GRC pool or GRC wallet.
  1. Folding@home motivators. Compute for science and get some fun with Banano coins (BAN).
  1. NASA Globe app to record clouds, landscapes , trees and mosquito.
  1. Keep Calm and do not forget about 🍄 mushrooms in 2021!!!

There are more motivators @ as follows:

  • The collages are created with Snapseed android app:

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I have goals for the New Year, but they are difficult to achieve because they depend on others.

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2 years ago

You gave us some interesting tips of goals.I did not set up my goals yet.Today is also holiday day and I am a little bit lazy.But from tomorrow on,life will going usual as before,so brain have to think again how will be in future.

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2 years ago

Set daily, weekly, yearly goals! And measure the progress ;-)

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2 years ago