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Holytransaction wallet for Gridcoin: staking, exchange; advantages and disadvantages.

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1 year ago

Good news: I realized today that the Holytransaction wallet allows GRC exchange now. It was only possible to stake Gridcoin with the wallet before.

The main disadvantage of the Holytransaction wallet is an absence of private keys. This may be compensated by the option of staking low values of cryptocurrencies. These can be also transferred to the wallet from the faucets. Absense of private keys may be also an advantage due to simplicity of use for storing low amounts.

The main advantage of the wallet is autostaking of GRC, PIVX, BC, PPC and staking of some stable coins. In addition, Holytransaction looks as most user friendly wallet I have seen.

And now this is possible to exchange Gridcoin too!!

Gridcoin can be:

  • obtained from several faucets and deposited directly to the Holytransaction wallet.

  • mined with BOINC and GRCpool

  • earned with

  • solo mined and staked with the official Gridcoin wallet

More information and links are published in the BOINC group:

This post is not a financial or an investment advise. This post is for information purpose only. Testing different apps and tools can help promoting science and technology.

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