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Gridcoin (GRC) for BCH on southXchange.

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1 year ago

Gridcoin rewards and promotes scientific research with BOINC. Gridcoin can be staked in gridcoin wallet, deposited for interest or traded.

There are several options to aquire Gridcoin.

  1. Computation with BOINC via grcpool.

  2. Browser microgrid page (not working on Android phone due to page refresh)

  3. Faucets (fractions of a coin but perfect for testing wallets)

  4. Interest payments with and/or Holytransaction wallet.

  5. Purchasing on exchanges

  6. Staking with official gridcoin wallet

Possession of 5000 coins is recommended amount for staking on homepage. 5000 GRC is approximately 37 USD, according to coingecko converter. This amount is definitely not huge but purchasing feels complicated. There might be an option to combine several options from above to get required amount for staking.

I am still finding best projects and option to get GRC with BOINC. Here is the way to exchange BCH to GRC on southXchange directly:

  1. Registration on southXchange is straightforward and requires an email address.

  2. Create BCH and GRC wallets by selecting them in the wallet section and visiting "deposit" tab.

  3. Copy your BCH address and transfer BCH from or other wallet. There is no minimum to deposit BCH but please double check conditions before teansfer. (1GRC is a minimum to deposit GRC)

  4. BCH/GRC pair is available for trading. The only catch is ... margins. There is a difference between buy and sell so you may check price on coingecko before and place a limit order. This requires waiting for a trade.

  5. There are 3 more pairs available for GRC: with BTC, LTC and USD

  6. Withdraw GRC yo you wallet. Withdrawal fee is 0.01 GRC but please check before withdrawing.

Obviously, this is possible to sell GRC to BCH as well. And transfer funds to So this post is not a financial advice, neither recommendation, but share of available options and experience.

There are also faucets with 3 exotic coins on the exchange. These requires captcha and can be collected in 3 hours intervals.

Conclusion: at the moment, I still compute most of BOINC tasks on my Moto mobile (which is highest performance phone I have!) without GRC.

I have 200 GRC from mining on other devices and 1usd exchange that I have made. I will see if it is possible to intensify mining of gridcoin and if I manage to collect amount required for stacking and solo crunching.

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Written by   105
1 year ago
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