Clouds 2021

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NASA Globe 🌎 observations are best for schools and kids. This helps to learn about nature, measurements and science. However, everyone can make pictures of clouds and submit these to NASA for atmospheric research.

Nasa globe app is available on Google play as follows:

The app is simple to use and instructions can be accessed from there. If you look to show something scientific to your kids, Globe app is a great option.

It is best to shot clouds at the same time sattelite can make photos. In that case, Nasa will email a report with observation results and a comparison.

I do not picture skies frequently and done only one observation this year. Here it is:

Basically, there are 4 directions, up and down clicks. 6 photos in total. The app is using mobile phone compass but it is worth checking directions are right.

Also cloud types and constraints has to be reported, but this is not too difficult.

This time observations was easy and it was the same view everywhere.

There is also twitter account where weekly reports are published. It us a great starting point for news and to start making observations.

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I every day listen on radio or watching on television how will be the weather in next days forward.It is very important for me beauce I go every day outside on walking for 2 hours and I do not want to be wet.Great post my dear friend.

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