BOINC: Advantages of computing on a mobile phone vs. a laptop.

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2 years ago

There is a discussion on reddit about mobile phones, which phone is better for BOINC. There are some negative comments about computing on a mobile.

There are a lot of advantages of computing with BOINC on a mobile phone, here there are:

  1. Budget mobiles have 8 CPUs which means 8 tasks are simultaneously running. There is an option to use less CPUs but I compute on all 8 and have no issues with the performance. Temperature can be set but my Moto phones are not heating up, unless covered or in a the pocket

  2. BOINC should not be run on work PCs . Sometimes mobile us the only option.

  3. Mobile is always switched on but keeping laptop up running for BOINC may logically be less preferencial from the energy usage.

  4. Laptops are consuming 20+ Watt per hour while mobiles are eating 10. Many laptops have 4 CPU only. With 2 mobiles and 20 Watts - 16 tasks can be run on mobiles. (I did not find CPU performance stats on BOINC, this is only my guess)

  5. Laptops are heating up and generating noise, mobiles are computing silently.

Of course, there are disadvantages of mobile phones. Not all the projects are available on a mobile. GPU laptops are times more powerful and there is no comparison. Gaming laptops consume more energy (400-800 Watt) but more productive as I can judge from F@H and Amicable numbers. ( Both are not possible on mobile and low performing with CPU laptops).

From my experience, World Community Grid (WCG) is the best performing project for mobiles. Einstein@home runs smoothly too.

I am running WCG on 1 mobile and one tablet, plus 2 old mobiles are running both WCG and einstein@home.

Here is my performance with WCG almost entirely with mobile phones (I computed for short time on a laptop ):

Basically, my mobile phones are returning around 20 tasks daily and generate about 10'000 points per day.

Below is mobile phones performance for research projects:

There are around 3000 tasks returned gif half year computing.

Joining is easy from BOINC or WCG websites.

My recruiting link is here, if you like to join me:

BOINC on google play:

P.S. please consider safety 🦺 rules and not overheat your phones. There are temperature 🌡️ settings in BOINC app. All requirements of usage electronic devices shall be met. This post is just my opinion about BOINC app.

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A smartphone that serves you nothing and only collects dust, with the Boinc app you can help with scientific research.

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Yes, indeed, I took my old phones and they are working full speed! Thank you

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