BCH wallet (read.cash) in a view mode. About Magnum wallet.

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3 years ago

Magnum wallet has a great feature that I miss with some other wallets.

There is an option to set up multiple view wallets without entering private keys. It is not possible to add any blockchain wallet but selection of coins is quite extensive and BCH wallet is available to import or setup in a view mode.

So, in addition to the regular options of creating or importing a wallet with private keys, there is an option to set up a watch-only wallet.

On the picture you see that there is second BCH wallet. This wallet is the same as my wallet on read.cash. This is in view mode as I do not have private keys to it, but I can view the balance and transactions like on blockchain explorer but in more readable way.

Blockchain that are operated within Magnum wallet can be found on their webpage


On a bit negative side, I do not see a lot of activity on Magnum social media channels and it feels like there is no much development. There were more articles about this wallet before, many airdrops and bounties but now - no longer :-(

Of course, there are other wallets with similar features but I have not found it in atomic wallet and trust wallet has very limited amount of coins to watch. I have not found BCH on the list.

If you know any good wallet with large selection watch-only wallets or know about exiting development with Magnum - please drop a comment below.

This post is not a financial advice but just a tip. If you want to monitor several wallets on the same or different blockchains, without compromising private key - Magnum is a good option to try.

If course, all other wallet features are available including an important option to adjust gas fees (on Ethereum, for example).

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3 years ago