Anti-Aging TRIIM-X Clinical Trial

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There are lot of talks about fighting Age-related diseases and improve quality of life and a healthspan. Not only in humans, but also in animals incl. pets.

This one hour video with Greg Fahy is a great review on several available options to reverse aging process and a talk on expectation from the future clinical trial on aging.

The main target of this research is stimulation of Thymus Regeneration with a cocktail of known therapies. More details, this is discussed in a 30 minutes video below:

There is also a great level a skepsis about reversing aging, as aging is taken by many as normal. The whole idea to take some medicaments or even practice fasting, without a proper prove, make us be somehow critical.

However, nothing should stop us to keep and eye on recent development in Anti-Aging research and possibly support it. Especially if possible anti-aging therapy is examined in Clinical Trials.

Information on clinical trials can be found in a public trial databases, TRIIM-X trial details are below:

Do what we can learn from the link above?

TRIIM-X is a Phase II clinical trial. The treatment duration is 12 months and trial duration is about 2 years: starting in October 2020 (2 months ago), ending October 2022.

The trial is in a recruitment phase and aims to enroll 85 volunteers. The outcome measures are epigenetic aging, thymus regeneration, safety and tolerance, immunoscenes.

The research article referenced is this:

It is probable that with an advance in research and hopefully positive or negative results, there will be more publications listed here in the future. My plan is to keep an eye on progression of this trial,and see study updates, check other clinical trials in this field.

My search on epigenetic aging returns 7 studies as follows:

And this page will be also bookmarked!

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