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The market for heated commodities.

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1 year ago

The government trying to control the market for daily commodities,but nothing is going to bring it under control.The prices of various commodities including rice,potato, vegetables,pulses,oil,green chillies and ginger have gone up while the volatile consumers are on the rise.

No type of vegetables is available in the retail market below Rs 80-90 per Kg.And rice???Although the government has fixed the price of rice at the mill level,it is being sold at an additional price of tk 200 to tk 250 per bag.In the retail market,the price of coarse rice has gone up to a maximum of 52 per kg.The same gose for potato.

At this time last year,potatoes were sold at 20-25 tk per kg,now they are being sold at 50 to 55 tk per kg.

Is there a logical reason behind this abnormal rise in prices of daily commodities???Not at all.The main reason is manipulation of that old syndicates.In fact,the commodity syndicates have taken not only the market but also the government hostage..The director general of the Department of Consumers Protection,a market wasdog,said multiple team were working everyday to reduce market prices.

This department is showing zero tolerance in any act of dishonesty and immorality. Our point is,if that is the case,then why is the price of commodities rising???But is the Department of Consumers protection overseeing Namkawaste??TIB's executive director Dr.ifkaruzzaman is right-dishonest trader's and syndicates are very influencial.Neither the law enforcement nor the concerned authorities have courage to take action against them.

Again some of the authorities and law enforcement agencies are involved in the incident of price rise of daily commodities.In fact,the whole thing has fallen into a vicious circle.The good governance,transparency and accountability needed to break this cycle is missing.So nothing is happening under the supervision of Ga.

The community market must be brought back to normal.In fact,low income and low income have to lost their temper.A free market economy does not mean that their will be no discipline.The government also has to have a control over the free market economy.If everything goes out of control,then where does the government exist???It can not be said that the government will fix the orice of rice,,but rice will not be sold at that price.

It has become clear that the country's dishonest businessman have nothing to say about minimum patriotism and Humanity.Greed is their only characteristic.This is not to change their character in world of mouth or advice.So the government has to take a tough stand.People with low and limited income should be released.

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Written by   26
1 year ago
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