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Per Capita Income of Bangladesh.

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The average annual per capital income of the people of Bangladesh has extended two thousand dollars.At the end of the outgoing fiscal year (2019-2020),the average per capital income of the people of the country stood at 2,804.Its average per capital income for the previous piscal year was 1,909.In other words,the average per capital income of the people of the country has increased by 155 in one year.

The Bangladesh Brueau of statistics (BBS) has identified this figure as a temporary measures of gross domestic products (GDP) and per capital income.

According to the BBS, the capital income of the people in Bangladeshi currency stands at an average of 1 lakh 75 thousand rupees a year.In others words,the average monthly income is about 14,600 rupees.

Average per capital income is not a person’s personal income.The total income of a country is divided per capital.

In the outgoing fiscal year,the GDP growth has been 5.24 percent.This a temporary calculation.

Growth has slowed in the outgoing year due to corona.In the 2018-2019 financial year,the growth was 7.15 percent.

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