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Sapiosexuality is the term used for an orientation that is a type of attraction to how smart or logical one's ways are. Its more than that but the basics of it is that as there are those who prefer hand jobs, fingers, rear, head, latex fetishes, feet fetishes, beastialists, the fruities, and so much more each one has their uniqueness setting them the way they like. Some are a combination of some. Its all about exploration and expression, totally beautiful ways of bringing out the best in us to leave us deeply satisfied.

So what then when all these don't appeal anymore? They have been muddied by the system? When you have compiled up so much info that only info can get you off, the knowledge from the other, the way they express their intelligence from the feelings the send out to you, to the eye work and the footwork. The way they don't even try at all but still show off the blinding light right where the heart is. The way they understand you and the things you go through, the way they convey solutions in a way that you can't miss it cos they mean you no harm so they put it out as they'd like it from you. When if you do miss the signal they care to learn and grow with you to better equip themselves to be well rounded with you cos you are doing the same too. All that you do aligned with them. . They are well aware that you are not this meat suit, you are not this mind nor the thoughts so they never for a moment mistake you for these feebles,they do not shy behind the game and let you suffer the illusions. They hear the surrounding talk of how deep you are in it and they smile knowing the plans you have layered out will carry you through.

The biggest satisfaction to them is that you understand all and everything to be your teacher and so you are humbled to carry on the lesson despite obvious threats from all around, the show must go on and the threats disappear off from where they came from.

Sounds like something from a poetry set right? It could be finer.

The way society reacts to each string of vibration and never embrace the whole play is just absurd. I know know why solitude is so addictive, because you get to experience the whole play with no disturbance.

Picture this : you are floating in the middle of the ocean, no worries it's Pacific so it's not as cold as the Atlantic. Just floating there under the night sky,or in some lake if you can't do the ocean. All you can hear is your breath, it's so quiet. Everything that you can imagine is offline, it's just you and you. Yeah yeah a bunch of spirits hanging out but they are on your side, they aren't smashing you telepathically. They are interested in what you will do next without their interference. How you will get the feelings back, how you will handle the angers and madness of the knowledge of being had it copied by the old, the young, the very you, the tired and the poor, the rich too. They are interested in know how you genuinely feel to be fooled and understanding of a fool in that a fool is a trapped wise man. A teacher to the forsaken, yet they'd never approve! Good thing approval seeking has drowned with the ages.

These bunch are a study all together that's what they do, continuous learning is what they are about. Life is truly meaningless without pointers to learn from. They'd find us truly interesting for all that we do, with or without the influence. They know it's a miracle without the influence as hurdles are a way of communicating to the fast advancements. That's alright too.

They find no flaw in the mindset and philosophy. If anything it's the simplest of all philosophies : I am worthy simply because Ian worthy. I do not need your approval to be worthy. And if you do pump me with what has the potential to cause noise, noise we shall have! Abundance goes both ways.

This is all intriguing, the mental and spiritual blocks to overcome in order to free up the little knowledge that can be used to device solutions. Gone are the days of scrutiny, trying to decipher why the kidney feels after all this time- solved! Why this, why that, why why why.... Instead, the mind shifted to how. The answer - happiness and feeling good. Love and care.

Its layers pealing off, like episodes it's wonderful to know that it truly is not the food or the water, it's not even the place. It's really good to know that our music, goals, dreams and visions will never die with us, not in anyway shape or form. Of course we will change, edit and add the blueprint to fit each step we take in the direction we want to be most, inspired steps. We leave change, great change behind us, payed with nothing much more than great recoveries as in fast and easy recovery from ailments of as damages, ain't nothing this feeble meat suit can't handle.

So many questions got answers, so much liberation. The only question that remained unanswered was this one right here that why the turn offs? Sapiosexuality. Simple as that, the moment there is a sense of that other vibe, the switch to the primal takes place. This answer right here makes it so easy to get around. The show of one's intelligence will show and be ringing deep beneath the dirt of piled up make up or mud. It won't matter the image portrayed, the click will be there and it will click as the conversation dives deeper than deep, getting lost into realm actively being created in the now forgetting a that ever was because it's nothing but footprints, a sign of where we come from, not much service to the future.

The show will have the actors show off their finest hand work and fashion iq all the way to the hair flip,it's the whole set. The sapiosexual takes it all in, moves in and in no time the whole facade is dismantled, the masks fall off to reveal the real faces not all smiley. To which the response is,now this is what I'd like to see first and foremost, the neutral side of you,the real unchanging side of you, the realest of all you. Instead it's a whole frenzy of lessons on how they were serenaded. Quiet good I'd say,there seems to be a lock on the sapiosexual to unlock the facades.

Not all are facades, there's the realest ones too. These ones are the most interesting ones,we feel like chasing after these ones. The confidence in this one's is so much it's dripping. There are no facades with these ones,get it as it is is the way with these one, they move fast though. Almost a message that you snooze you lose out on these. We feel that we might end up somewhere in these illusions, it's be a good hiding place.

This attraction to intelligence is something else in that it makes it easy to go around people troubleshooting flaws. Which we all have, the moment lack of intelligence is shown, a farther search is initiated to dig into it, they must be doing it on purpose!

This case is never over. It cannot even move a single cell within us to arousal. When it used to, you. It use to be super crazy, we'd go around with concealed Hard-Ons.

This get much harder when the thought challenge is on us to be what we want to attract. Lately is easier to see through the traps and illusions but in time, we can't even think about that. We do not think of that and for that reason, we stay centered that what is happening now in this year has nothing on what too place in the whole lifetime. The recovery road is all broken hearts but our flawed philosophy must prevail. As the feelings creep in we are reminded of how things feel, how it feels to remember love. It quickly becomes a rant before we know it we are looking for sign of intelligence everywhere. It gets real hard when all we get to see is beings using intelligence.

I know I'm totally off course but I'm also sure there more sapiosexuals out there who can set the record straight. Critics?

There is so much love for you here

Verse 2

"Open your eyes and see the way our horizons meet" bitcoin might have brought us closer together but as she read read that pain demands to be felt from the novel "Emperial Affliction"

She recalls her affirmations, "you'll never be alone, I got you" she tell herself. She knew she had the fire within her, she never doubted it.

Going through the pages of the Emperial Affliction she is hit by the sad reality that pain really does demand to be felt. Like with every sensation she feels as she wondered if she will ever meet anyone half as true as the truth she keeps challenging every single day and night.

She is convinced that through all she has been there remains so much more to be had. She is told by her guardians that she is not the only one. She low-key hopes that she is the only one. As she prays to her guardians that if she is not the only one then please show me the messed up tribe I keep missing, she utters to herself. Maybe I should get into cosplay again or the art of novel character writing.

Backpacking comes up as a thought she holds on to,she always had a thing for backpacking. Remembering her confusion over the how when why's and who's of her daily planner pages as she had planned out endless trips not only on earth but all over the universe. So many worlds come to life when she starts writing " she thought.

So if the how is all about finding what feels good then feeling good so much that nothing matters more than that I feel good. That's enough for my how? Just to get on some high vibration disc and feeling good while staying there, taking inspired action will lead me to my wildest desires? I'll take that.

Normally told to do away with the how because it's a tool for confusion and God forbid spontaneous. Everything must be planned out to the last bit of the increase in bitcoin like we have to forget that we are not trading the system but the emotions of people the system tries so hard to control.

The more days go by, the more interesting it gets, as everything come together to explain the how to us is the why to the blockages in place. So much fibble like illusions to walk through, like a morphage phase just a tickle with it and it's a doorway to awesomeness, more clown days lay ahead.

We let in the thought that everything you can set your attention to in all time and space has the capability of freeing up momentum to aid in any mission. Unconditionally? Unconditionally! Why is another thought coming to contradict? That's what thought do. Thoughts are like clouds, let them pass.

We should let them pass, we just do us, how we best do us because it's us. One of the good days, feeling so much better than we do now, we will write about how we feel now which is a good feeling compared to how we will feel then, which is an even more exuberant feeling. So yes, we will go out ahead of it, what doesn't feel right doesn't get to stay anymore. We stay centered. This is how, the how that deals with emotions and feelings we don't want to face and signals we like to ignore.

We've been meaning to write about so much that we can't get out of our heads like those time it just flows out, it's like we are blocking ourselves. Almost like that pain that demands to be felt. Like the cycles we cannot repeat again, so reasonable to go back at it but it just won't get us where we are going, it's not that way. We can let it in so that in the end of it stands in the ways, whatever stands in the way becomes the way. We are loyal to our service in that we will reduce whatever piles up in our path so that we would stroll right through and again.

That is why pain demands to be felt "she thought"

Traveling oh best buddy we got a date, we are engaged to be married on top of mount Everest Himalayas! Been married to the game for long enough and she broke her vows, she too cannot be loyal what about mere human beings who only care about the breath they breath in in the morning as they forget to coexist like the bacteria filling up their guts.

Is this hate next to pain?

Hate or pain, it's a illusions. We go on our lives restricted to places in and out of ourselves all while we have the whole of exploration to explore, forget traveling or earth for that matter. We got galaxies and undiscovered words laced with treasures just for us and no-one else. But we can go traveling too. Why not?

That's the most interesting how that has ever come across our mind. But the calisthenics vibes have been a whole era in time for us. We need to keep that thought alive, it carries with it tremendous amount of energy that unlocks the right kind of vibes and knowledge locked in the water bodies within our bodies that make us walking talking bio batteries.

Tesla says with enough dedication we can bring to life the night light. That's very interesting because bringing back to life and creating is two different things. The one means that there is a never ending flow of gasses that are forming the spheres that when treated right, they will glow. The glow will not only illuminate the whole earth's sky like the northern aurora lights but the plan is to use this to harvest power from thin air, yes thin air to power the grids not for money but we have had enough of the oil spills and gas fueled wars that took so many.

Thoughts mean nothing without action but they mean even less without expression. Expression of thought before letting it go is the little seedlings from which beautiful tomorrows grow. Cherish the thought as we let it pass by like the clouds on a cool summer day.

This time is not about escaping, we are just collecting each other then we express ourselves to those that need it. To the rest, it's been our pleasure in the blind thank you, we don't feel like it no more.

No more cycle? Oh no baby, the cycles never stop, the only time they stop is when you do. Just like I and I will never be alone so will she and they won't ever be alone.

Its that time to go finding Nemo again, the right Nemo this time. Maybe that has been the problem so infatuated with finding Nemo, squirrels and cheap thrills instead of whale sharks, beasts and other magical dragon like creatures. Food for thought, we just might be playing so small we need to scale up. Its a good thing we still believe in forever! She concluded as she remembers that God cares too little about gender and orientation.

Love and light.

Last verse

Growth - Challenging your beliefs

The most beautiful expression and moments in life come from some of the darkest times. This is obvious, no hardship no gain. Then you go through the world and see little to no growth. You wonder what happened here? What is the limit to this growth? Thinking that the deserts had been forests, how do we manage to deforest forests? They say that capitalists don't see the worth of a tree until it's cut down. The value of natural resources is only really appreciated after the destruction. Are so cynical to not see our own demise and inhibition? So locked on to spiritual gains that we neglect our physical homes. Let's blame it on the system while we do nothing but talk about it. We laugh at the one with the ideas of true change all the while degrading him and making sure the game changer gets nowhere.

Now that Aquarius ♒ is in-charge it's going to be different. No more hiccups Pocus, balance is being restored true growth is taking roots all over the world. I see the world turning for a change. I realize it all starts with me. How I grow and the limits I set to my growth. There's levels, as there are lanes. I have been on all levels, I have experienced all lanes. You'd be amazed how some people do so little and gain the most growth and how some people break their backs to barely get by. Its interesting how one can limit their own growth based on the views of another and how omens across the veil are supposed to be good and guiding but instead are not to be trusted. Growth levels, own it!

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