A Cryptocurrency Story of a friend

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Its Monday the 22nd of February and we are just starting with the new routine. Its some mad insider staff but for responsibility sake we found that we mostly accomplish staff when we lay it all bare. And we heal better when we put it all out there. So in this post we are going to explain how we got to $480.89 and more.

[We do like some proof for transparency sake]

Its been a bit of a hard time with all the patience but KCS always came through with promotions on the daily so it had been the best contribution ever but it's been an issue too that sort of forced us to want to grow it into a thousand bucks then later probably grow it to the thousand then to a hundred thousand. By the end of the year we can grow it to a million. It won't be hard, if anyone thinks it will be hard then there good for them, for us it'll be so easy and chilled!

Let's get into it

"Nothing matters more than that I feel good"



Satisfied with my care!


It was one of those scroll by, I'll bet it was on Publish0x when we stumbled upon an article of the KuCoin updates, something about their special promotions! It pretty attractive,the promotion's by KuCoin. Although these things are run by people like us and some bots, it makes it easier for us to relate. Especially when it comes to the prizes a d red envelopes, they are so small like they barely paid a dollar for the invite that I got. Ok both Publish0x and all these invite or affiliate links just don't seem to work until I take the person's phone and sign them up myself, did it once and I'm not going to do it again. So don't rely on anyone, make your own plans, find ways to restore yourself. I'll tell you a little truth of how my finances have been going for a bit. Simply because I need to be me and believe in myself, renew myself and restore myself and it's all up to me to make sure that I'm on my top game. If the food and water is the issue its up to me to make sure that I do not drink that crap. If it happens that laws are breeched and I'm being violated, my approach to this is that as we play this game of chess, not checkers, forever is a pretty long time. I love being alone, I really love being alone. I love being by my self, I love being alone, by myself only me myself and I. Traveling alone, jerking off alone, writing my articles alone, then chilling and buying some burgers alone. Resolving my problems alone like I always did. Healing and restoring myself, alone. Alone alone and all alone and that's how we got to $480.89, all alone. Now it's as if them freaks want to suck it out of me or something but I've been having a verification issue with these platforms. And that's the reason I've got to get out of this country. Probably not going to say the country. But it's one of those CFD and Crypto hating collectives but you'll find that a huge part of the traders want to leave too.

How am I dealing with this and how it's gone so far.

Its been quite interesting since I don't particularly want to run too much detail but I lost my bag after an attack while trying to get myself out of here now being optimistic I do not dwell on such for long. I just get on with the improvement that I have to do to get my staff back , by renewal. Do what I have to do that's filling forms and paying the fees, actually making the money to pay the fees of renewals. Some things will never be renewed again and of course we thought of just dying but it seems like the universe doesnt want that for us. Anyway so where does cryptocurrencies come in? Well before everything we've never had to play catch-up on anything if anyone plays catch up its the people around cause is be like the update to all them or something like that. I'd always been involved with trading since high school. We had stock market competitions in high school where we had grouped up in teams of four and we'd put together trades and fax/ email the trades through by paper to the floor. Just like the traditional trading floor approach, yes it was a while back but we've learned so much that we still got it in us!

With the financial freedom mindset and a challenger seeking thought, we got involved in Forex as a way to get learning to earn. And learn we did, the infamous ukspreadbetting from YouTube has been quite instrumental in our quest for freedom knowledge. We really loved each step of the way, although that that decision did to us is expose us to what's been hidden from us. But it took another +/-5 years to get here where it's still a work in progress and we have much better clarity at the moment and we are really feeling good !

So what's been happening?

Being stuck on the physical plane has been an issue, they say the truth shall set you free. I truly believe that the. I saw my best of gurus and teacher change what they said into something like "it's all your responsibility" while the normal people send you on goose chases. At the moment we are at peace, we are not running (anymore)! And we are taking the stand to put together something real lucrative for ourselves our living to include our travels and other expenses.its going to take a minute and the $480.89 is a different story since there's other initiatives that's I've explored and it's been a super lovely trip. More especially out there on the road, in the desert, along the sea, I found so much love in myself for myself! When I got broken down, fucked and hurt I decided I'm going to love me best of all and no one will matter, not what they do, who they have been to me and just like them I'll be playing my own game within their games! They don't want cryptocurrencies because they know it's the best way of financial freedom, because spiritual attachments don't quite exist with decentralisation and that's one of the truest reasons for the love of centralisation. Its not the benefits of being overcharged by banks or keeping us under fluoride or power grids and sucking the life out of us, what they are really after is that leash on the people. And so when you are going through a spiritual awakening they'll send you through all kinds of goose chases. If you have gone through it I'll tell you one thing,just own it, all of it! Yes every bit of it, if you cannot then start from the inside then you get real mental. By that I don't mean go crazy but I mean read or listen to atleast 3 books a week, write staff. Keep your staff on the cloud, participate in staff you like especially online with the projects you are about. These people that you are about will never disrespect you! But then again you have to be very careful to understand that no one will do it for you. One other thing don't get caught up in definition or the tricks of the mind! You are much stronger and wiser so don't just believe but feel good, because when you feel really good you are sending out messages for the universe to send you fitting components. It will be scary filled fears and other illusions but that's the point of the whole gig. For you to end up where you'd really like to be you need a plan and a vision set forth by your dreams and goals. You adapt tunnel vision where what you want is all you see, everything else is noise, feed if you must but always feel good. Anyone shooting you down, smile and feel the way you'd rather feel. You bring your worlds to life by being an active component in your life, yes things will come to you by the flow of the law of attraction but more than that you'll need to take inspired action. You'll know you are on the right path when it gets annoying or noisy. You got this, when they disrespect you just laugh a d show them your position that to drag someone down you have to be below them, so take the complement and live it every single day.

Your supreme mindset has to lead you as you are bothered every single day take that as a reminder that a is well and there is so much time for you. Time to trade, to but bitcoin before it gets to 100K, time is not an issue and it's never been an issue, it's the best gift there is to life! And it should be embraced for what it is not taken as something that can run out, time is relative and it's fluid and lucid too. Learn enough and time won't be an issue to manipulate by travel and bending, using time to tear through the fabrics of space and gravity. We've done a lot and also found that there's three very important focuses that will complete you as a being from a certain perspective.

So as I needed funds to renew my staff, I thought of just getting other documents by a different name and that kind of thing but it didn't work out so I just had to renew my documents which then required me to look into ways to gain some funds. That's not including charity cos there is no charity its like people giving out ass and dick all the time so it's a different thing. Anyway we needed to hold our own, we gained some momentum in ideas and strength to hold back the fears and tears because it did seem like we are headed northwards to finding our components then we intentionally get disturbed but we choose to ignore it and take the detour which we are in now. This comes to the cash, as we got tired of "spend me" monies, this is the money that you have in your pocket and in your mind it's just squeezing you to drink it or something. Its hard to control such money's and the patronized would then come along and patronize you by asking you how you spend so recklessly or mindlessly, blah blah blah you know the story.piint here is that we needed to get he own and not by job or artsy/crafty staff like we did before, this had to be something else because it seemed like we was just too easy to be attached to. So we hang in there but we kept writing. Certain writings that we later compiled into narratives, books that still need editing. Yes we'll need to become editors too with time but we still would pay a good $20-30 ISH for good editing. So moving on, this writing we did, we also posted a good chunk on Publish0x, we did get some proper attention there and it's only a matter of time before we get back in there. We think it's better to be bare and transparent while still in the matrix so that when you get woke you skip the shy phase. So the little earning generated in forms of tips amounted up to some few dollars worth of crypto after 3-4 month of constant content out put with over a thousand articles on different platforms it was only a matter of time before our momentum would get disturbed. This was done by the places we got to go too not to mention the ID documents needed to verify our identity. This has been a real low blow in restricting our movements. To add more than a hundred days of more torture.

We've since become so much happier and feeling good, that's what we do all day. We fill up with the sun everyone we can, it brings us to life. So when our momentum was disturbed we saw the lag in the views and our focus changed. This was thanks to the illusions. And we keep getting signs like it's over, game over but then we are reminded that we are still here because it's never over! And as we continue to feel good our tomorrows will always be better that the past. The key is to ignore all that seem restricting or disrespectful. It means nothing, all of it means nothing because it's just early definitions. There is so much to life, most of the things around us is manifested by the collective and the collective is all of us. There is nothing that happens without being a desire or thought first then it has to gain some momentum for it to manifest. So everything including what we are going through now is a part of the manifestations by the collective. There is an ample number of entities and people who are keeping their energies focused on making your life miserable so they can harvest. Now you can push through and get stuff done but they will have gotten the best of you in time. But the beauty of this thing is that you just need to have your focus on what you want to manifest and it will. When I needed funds I though and wrote of ways to get myself set up then I thought of my involvements in the market via brokers like cm, fxtm, hotfx and others, but some had expired and I needed to renew my verification but I am still waiting for my documents. It takes some time to get them and all the signs I'm getting whenever I think of my documents are signs of orientations, though we love them, we are not them . Our focus remains on going, we don't seem to be able to settle for less than we deserve in the longest run but we get to learn about different things before we set off, we are also accumulating funds by means of online gigs and creating content.its working out so good actually and after our documents come through we'd be able to get going but that's so.e time from now. For now we put together the best version of ourselves that we will love traveling with without ever getting bored or justifying resentments. We are strong and able!


You are more powerful than you know,

As tough as they come you remain exponentially stronger

Love and light

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