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When i used to be a child

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1 year ago

When i was 2 years old ...

When i was of two years in an early age i started speaking clearly all of my family members including my parents . When anyone meet me first time he was just amazed to saw that a little baby is speaking so clear.

When i was 3 years old ...

When i was three years old i was very fond of travelling and gaming . In a small age i went to some beautiful places of my beloved country Pakistan like Murree , Nathiagali,Ayubia,Azad Kashmir and some other sightseeing places of Pakistan.

The age i started gaming...

From the 3rd year of my birth i feeled that video games were taking my interest towards them. I saw some gamers on youtubers playing different video games like GTA vice city and some other interesting video games with a heavy gaming pc and a good looking gaming room with a Comfortable chair and headphones. It attracted me more towards video games. I started playing my first video game when i was of 4 or 5 years old not confirmed yet. When i used to play a video game i just forget the whole world around me and pretend to be the part of that game...

Some of physical games:

I also used to play some physical games not the games which make me physically strong but the games which make me strong by brain some of these games included ludo and crore pati and some other games which we will discuss in any other article

When i was in grade 8th...

I am just amazed that i wrote some stories i just wrote little stories ...Me and my friend writing so well..So we wrote stories when our teacher going to teach us...we do some unexpected things during lecture..These days are just amazing..we are doing such things that not everyone do...Friends are such a God gifted.I am so Blessed to have these types of friend that make my life so beautiful.During lectures we play cards .. It's make fun in our life..we can't listen our lecture we just enjoy our days.. Instead of these things our teachers likes us..Just because of we do our homework daily..

Some of my friends...

I am this type of person who do anything for the way my friends make my life so memorable...I can't forget those days that spends with my friends..My school life is filled with happiness and full of fun...We just thought that don't waste your life just make fun make your life memorable do some experiences.Life is too short so just be happy.Don't waste your life's one minute in those things that hurts you.. Me and my friends do many adventures that so amazing..And when we realize then it's make laugh that we do stupidity..We actually makes fun with our teachers..We respect them but we can't stop to irritate them..Teachers are literally enjoy our company.. That's so hounorable for us..I just want to say that dont make fun of your respected teacher just respect them and you also enjoy with them but in limits.. Don't cross your limit's..Then you realise that your life's become so eassy and interesting..

Some of my dares...

As you know that dares are such an interesting had a lot of fun..we really do some dares with our teachers..hahaha.. That's make my life so intresting...when i was in college we dare with almost everyone who study in college..we are just naughty students..we dare with our librarian.. That is the reason everyone in college know us..They know that this naught group do something at any time..I just say that my school and college life is so beautiful...we are these types of student's who can change anyone mode.. That's why our teachers love's us..

About friendship..

I fell so lucky to have these types of friend who can change my mode at any time...I fell that friends are this type of persons who knows you more than your family...In world everyone had friends..My friends are so amazing... literally they change my sadness in happiness in just a second.. That's why i able to say that life is so easy when you have friends...Friends is a blessing from God..And not everyone is so lucky that they have good friend.. Because a good company makes your life good and a bad company makes your life difficult..So pray for good friends because they make your life easy, beautiful and memorable.. Choose those friends who stand with you in your bad time.I fell that your friends had ability to change your bad time in good time ... Because they know that how can handle situation how can change your mode how can change your time just because they know good friends change your life..A person who had a good company means that he is a good person..friends are those person who refresh you and your life...

memory of my school life...

One day when i was in school as u know that me and my school gang is so naughty..we just do anything at any time..we decided to do an exciting party in school's break time ..we just have 30 minutes for break ..10 minutes was wasted in deciding what we want to eat...other 10 minutes has been waste in deciding who have to go to buy those things ...and the other 10 minutes was waste in waiting of those person who was went to buy things...and then unfortunately break time was end..and then we were so sad ...then we decided to hide things that we were was really an excited adventure..and then we were decided how we can enter in classroom because 5 minutes ago lecture was started...then we found that we were enter in class from back finally we enter in classroom successfully...At the end our food was tasteless and we have to eat this tasteless food..But it was a great adventure..

Adventures ...

I just love adventures... Because adventures can bears those persons who want to do some experiences in his life...And a person who do adventures has strong heart..I think we made adventures in our life because through adventures our life refresh and our mode is also refresh...Adventures has many types such as if you don't want to do a big adventure you just do a funny adventures ...adventure has also fun when it do with your lovely gang...

So this is the short story of my personal life i'll keep sharing such kind of content with all of you guys...

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Written by   4
1 year ago
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O my dear! When you were three years old, you used to have the same passion for travel and entertainment and I also have a great passion for travel and entertainment. I also have a great passion for playing and jumping. I also do something in my spare time.

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1 year ago

Buddy that's great it is really a motivating comment for me i really appreciate your comment it's a little bit hard to go with such kind of passion in your real life if i am not wrong😕

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1 year ago

Yeah my dear!. And also welcome to this platform hope u have nice journey 💞

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1 year ago