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6 months ago

In life our way is not always spread with flowers, in the way we find thorns, stones. While crossing and facing all obstacles we should reach our goals. Even sometime we may hurt also and feel pain. After curing we may feel some relief. In the same way after obstacles we may find neat way to reach our goal. But we should never feel impatience in any mode of life. Always be patience until we reach goal then only we can experience the happiness of Success and surrounding world also looks colourful to us. In this journey we find ups and downs of life.

We are successful or not is not decided by God but the way we have chosen decides our fate. Walking in the way where is no aim this of no use how long we walk also. Our Determination decides our present and future life.

With strong Dedication our journey towards goal reach us heights of Success. First we must make our feelings divine. Thinking that reaching our goals is harder, makes weak before starting journey. Always think we have born not to loose, we born here only to win. Solving all problems and moving forward towards goal will always make us to reach success. As our responsibilities increase then life journey is not easy, but we should be prepared for this situation before only. Never discourage by seeing the responsibilities of settling our Children. As we remove the thrones in the way we find neat way also ahead. Like after night there is day also. Working hard always makes our goals nearer. This is only the secret of Living life for any Generations.

The above content is 💯 from my Pen of inspiration,,,#SunilVision

Photograph: Hill station view of trekking (No filters used).


(My Motivational Contents).

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Always think we have born not to loose, we born here only to win.

thisis a good mind setting Sunil.. :) Thank you! Buddy, you may want your write up to to at least 3 minutes read time. That way, rusty might drop in some love :)

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6 months ago

Thank you for reading! And valuable advice my dear! Next I will try to be 3minutes

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6 months ago