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Honesty Always Matters!

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7 months ago

Hey Reader's! Bored reading big passages and lectures, So I will refresh your mind with crispy story,,

In a village there is a Merchant named John🧑‍🦲. He used to talk with customers very politely. That's the reason as they are many shops in village but maximum people come to his shop only. His Son Tom🧑‍🦱 started helping John🧑‍🦲 in his business nowadays. He didn't like the way of his Dad's business,

Tom🧑‍🦱: Dad! All other Merchants in village are selling each item for 10 bugs but you are selling it for 9 bugs only! If you do like this when we will earn money, As we are getting more customers so this is only the time to earn more?

John🧑‍🦲: My Dear Son! If we do like that then no one will come to our Shop,

Tom🧑‍🦱: Why they will not come! We will not duplicate or increase price, if we be honest like this then when we will earn money?

But John🧑‍🦲did not listen his Son's words did his business as usual,

After some days passed,

John🧑‍🦲:My Dear Son! I and your mother will go to visit Holy places mean while you look after the Shop,

After completion of 5months,John 🧑‍🦲 returns home, In Shop his Son is sitting sadly, there are no people in the shop and he saw some duplicate products in Shop,

John🧑‍🦲: Did you see my Son! People are hiding there faces to come to our Shop and going to other Shops. That's why only Honesty Matters. Even our life ends also we should never leave Honesty, As we taking profit then why should we do fraud? ( His Son down's his head), For some days you don't come near to shop,

Now John🧑‍🦲 only sat in the Shop, After one month again the business is running good. By seeing this Tom🧑‍🦱 realised his mistake and started doing in his Father way only.

The above content is 💯 from my Pen of inspiration,,,#SunilVision

Photograph: My watch, Shot by One plus Nord (No filters used)


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Written by   5
7 months ago
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