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8 months ago (Last updated: 7 months ago)

My son has memory loss from his childhood itself. Now when he constructed a new house he forgets to build a separate room for me,,,O ! God please forgive my child,, If any mistakes done by children only their parents can forgive them. Now a days sparing time and caring parents in their old age is became a biggest sacrifice to modern generations.

No one likes to be in one group, mainly with old age people. So Every one in this modern age please keep electronic gadgets aside and spare some time for elders and our parents.

When we step into old age, we feel that loss our energy,power because as before we cannot do our works.So many elders reach old age homes at this stage.

Growth of age is natural process. We should never think this as disability. As age increases naturally we loose our energy. In this modern age we should never care for energy because if we don't have energy to climb steps,we have lifts every where,If we unable to see that means our eye sight decreases no need worry they are many techniques to increase eye sight. We need only younger heart , thinking power , interest in learning new things.

"William Shakespeare" describes old age as second childhood for everyone.

Best remedy for old age problems is listening to music . Famous English writer "William Somerset Maugham" in his old age he learnt voilen without any trainer and got rid of feeling that Iam old. Writer "Barden Russell " cured his mental illness by listening to music . Famous Doctors used to give suggestion to old age people to listen music who consulted them.

Old age is not for preparing to leave the world . This is the Golden age with this experience of life, we should guide younger generations to lead the Society. And we should be the role model and torch bearer for youngsters.

Always Elder people will be far from quarrels- this is because they have control over their mind and power and also they have the solutions for quarrels with them by their experiences.

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Written by   5
8 months ago (Last updated: 7 months ago)
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