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5 months ago

( After reading this artical every one will become expert in Cryptocurrencies dealing,,it's my promise)

In 19 century, lakhs of people in Canada moved towards Klondike,,why this? For digging Gold, This is called Gold rush, Some are lucky and some are disappointment,,Then they started digging not with plough but with computer not for Gold, Even more valuable one that is for Cryptocurrencies! That is Crypto Mining. First Cryptocurrency Bitcoin came into in light in 2009. This is starting of Crypto history,,

When we hear Cryptocurrency for everyone BITCOIN strikes in mind because it is that much famous and so valuable. For truth not only Bitcoin but also we have more than 5 thousand Cryptocurrencies. For these only so many miners searching day and night.

Ok! Then what is Cryptocurrency? 'Virtual Money'. It is not like currency notes which is visible and useful in outside market. It is not under control of Governments or Banks. It works by knowledge of Block Chain. It is stored in Virtual Ledger like news stored in Computer program ( database). In Virtual world Cryptocurrency can transfer from one person to other. Means if we buy anything with Bitcoin, the transaction history is verified in secret script (Cryptography) in Nodes network and Authenticated. By all this one new Block is created. This is in Distributor Ledger (Block Chain) will be registered. Then only in present Block Chain new block comes and joins. Then the transaction completes.

Like this only in real world with Crypto we can buy services and things. Once registered information ( Value,Date,Time) it is maximum impossible to change. This only made Cryptocurrencies believable by every one and increased the value. By online we buy Cryptocurrency by our currency. And by Selling we regain our currency.

Why We Are Buying Cryptocurrencies?!

For this they are so many reasons, No one owns a full Bitcoin. So we cannot trace who is the owner but we can use it. In online from seller to buyer it exchanges at that instance only. Interest increase or decrease like different countries currencies doesn't change. By Demand and Availability only value changes. These are the reasons for buying Bitcoins. Technology lovers in Virtual world those who makes transactions are attracted very much by Cryptocurrencies. As META works technology is developing in future Cryptocurrencies will become more famous, there we cannot use normal currencies

How Are Bitcoins Created?

Bitcoin digging,, by mining procedure Bitcoins are created. In one network the Computers after verifying the transactions and authenticating them then new Bitcoin will born. This is very critical computing procedure. Depends on linking new Blocks to Block Chain. Creating new Blocks is not at all easy task. Before we have to solve critical mathematical problem. By solving (hashes) problems miners will get two types bof prizes. One is Block record. After publishing the Block every one gets one this can be treated as appreciation. Second one is transaction fee. For that Block who do transactions a part of Bitcoin is taken as fee. Means fee for every transaction done by any one.

How Bitcoin Mining Is Effecting Pollution Of Environment?

Getting Bitcion in minning very critical procedure. Day by day as Bitcoin value is increasing, so many people are coming for Bitcion mining.This also effect in increase of Pollution on the Earth. For digging Bitcoins we need more electric power. This effects more the environment. That's why China stopped mining and trading of Bitcoin. And that's why Bitcoin mining migrated to America like Countries.

The above content is 💯 from my Pen of inspiration,,,

Photograph: Form Google sources,,


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Written by   5
5 months ago
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