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Know and unknown mysteries (part-18)

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2 years ago

Assalamualikum everyone

How are you all?

I hope everyone well by the grace of Almighty. I am also well.

It's me @Sumi_kaisar once again come with my known and unknown mysteries new part.

Friends, you may have all heard of the Bermuda Triangle. You may have heard that if a ship or a vessel flew over the Bermuda Triangle, it might sink or disappear.

Some people have an idea about this mysterious place. Some people think that there are aliens in this place. Some people think that the city of Atlantic has sunk here. Also many people have many ideas.

So in today's post I will tell you what is true and what is false.

And let me tell you about a man who has just returned from the Bermuda Triangle.

So let's get started,

Much has been made of the Bermuda Triangle, such as the disappearance of an American ship about 101 years ago.

The ship was carrying 11,000 kg of coal and 300 people. And after it disappeared, many searches were done but no trace of it was found. When the ship disappeared in 1917, World War I broke out. It is alleged that the ambassador provided the information to Hussein.

But the Germans completely denied this. They said they knew nothing about it and had no hand in it Again many say that this ship sank because of its excess weight.

If this is true then what is so mysterious about this Bermuda Triangle. Now this mystery will be raised on the screen.

The story is from 1945 when 5 American pilots went out to practice like any other day. That day they were passing over the first Bermuda Triangle. Just then those planes, including those pilots, went missing. They were disconnected from the radio station. Then the American Air Force thought let's send big planes to find them. Thirteen people searched for them on the plane. But when that plane disappeared, everyone thought a lot. Everyone searched for 6 planes but no one was found. It has happened many times that many ships have been found at the bottom of the sea But no match was found with any of them. None of those planes were found. And this too has become another mystery of the world. Since then, many people have expressed many views. Some say the place is haunted, it is the work of a ghost. Again many say it is the work of an alien. Also many said a lot.

In 1974, a man named Vinsent Gaddis wrote an article and published it in Paika. Reading his cause, a new idea and a new proof came out.

There is a world outside the world that is located in the Bermuda Triangle. There may be aliens living there. Now there was only one way to solve this mystery. And that is a person who came from this triangle. Can't tell what's inside? What else is happening. And there is someone who was a pilot. And he came back from that triangle.

This guy's name was Bruce Gernon.

The real structure can be known from this man. Because all three are the only ones who have returned from the Bermuda Triangle.

He said the structure dates back to 1970As he was traveling from the Bahamas to Miami with his father and a business partner, a triangle-shaped cloud suddenly appeared in front of them. Then they did not have time to turn the plane back, so they drowned in the cloud The cloud is very dark and they can't see anything because of a lot of lightning. He said he thought he had moved to another world. They also said they thought they had come to a cave in a black cloud. They did not understand anything and proceeded with the plane very fast. But this is the end of the story. They also said that the lines that were floating in front of them like circular saws were floating round and round. They had no idea what was going on here. He said the incident lasted for 3 minutes He added that when he came out of the cloud, they did not see the blue sky but the white smoke all around. They could not understand where the sky was and where the sea was. All the guides on the plane were spinning very fast. And no one had any control over these.

For a time, they were separated from the earth. He could not communicate with any other radio station. But after a while they were able to communicate with a radio station. And they ask you to show them the way. The Takan radio station man reported that the radar could not direct your plane. But after a while the white smoke subsided and the radar could see And they realize that it is not possible to run a normal plane at the speed they have been flying. Eventually they overcame all obstacles and came down to earth. But the pilot was still annoyed because he checked the fuel and saw that half of the fuel had run out. Which, of course, made the video an overnight sensation. To date, no scientist has been able to answer this question.

It is still being investigated what actually happened there. Different scientists have different views. Some scientists say that a magnetic field was generated while they were passing through which caused the speed of their plane to increase so much. Again, many scientists have made a time travel needle with it.

According to them, if this is true then they will be able to timetable.

Now, if their words are true, then where did those planes and ships go? And they came back. Why or what happened to them.

The mystery of all this has not yet been solved.

Don't forget to let us know what you think your friends might think by commenting.

And if you like my post, of course

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Written by   126
2 years ago
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