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Different types of teas

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2 years ago

Assalamualikum everyone

How are you everyone.

I hope everyone well by the grace of Almighty. I am also well.

It's me @Sumi_kaisar once again come with you in new topics.

Friends, Today I will discuss with you about different types of tea.

So Let's get started,

We all know that if we start the day with a cup of tea in the morning or when we spend our leisure time, this one cup of tea becomes very dear to many of us.

And if that tea is herbal or herbal tea, then there is no point in saying that this tea is very healthy and it is very healthy. They know that there is no caffeine in any herbal tea, so we all drink this tea at any time of the day. Can do Even if one of us is sleep deprived or anxious, we can drink this heavy tea at night. .We know that there are many types of herbal teas on the market, so we may not realize what kind of tea we buy for ourselves from the market. However, I have a very simple solution to this, if you want, you can make this tea at home and eat it together. There are several types of herbal teas. However, I would say that it would be very useful for you to know something about the benefits of these herbal teas before making or eating tea. So let us all know some information about this tea.

No. 1 chamomile tea

If you suffer from indigestion or acidity, you can have a cup of this tea every day after meals. .Playing it will get rid of your cravings very quickly and again if you get anxious then you can have 1 cup of tea in that condition or at the beginning of office work. This one cup of tea contains herbal tea for which when this cup is fed or eaten, you can eat it shortly after if you want, you will feel better and more comfortable.

No. 2 Ginger Tea.

We can't say how much peace we get when we eat our stomachs. This food is a good thing for us. .But many of us have an aversion to food for which we can drink this tea before we drink because this one cup of ginger can help us to increase our appetite. Many people drink this tea again when they have a problem with heartburn due to gastritis. This tea is useful for us to get rid of this problem.I eat this tea myself.

We know that many of us have stiff joints and even swelling and if we have a lot of pain, we can get rid of this pain by drinking a few cups of ginger tea every day This tea is also very tasty.

Number 3 rosemary tea.

Many of us may know that it is very difficult to compare the use of this rosemary to spread different tastes and aromas in the different recipes of our food. This rosemary is used in all these foods but don't many of us know that if we eat a cup of rosemary tea at night then it will be very beneficial for our very good sleep. This rosemary tea is ours

The main reason for this is that this rosemary contains some elements that help to relax the muscles in our body. Even this tea can help us to get rid of liver and gallbladder problems it's a cup of tea.

Number 4 peppermint tea.

I have never eaten this tea before but as far as I know the strong smell in this tea can make our tea taste good. This peppermint tea helps us to get rid of all those problems even if we have gas in our stomach. This tea helps us to overcome all kinds of digestive problems. Even if some of us have nausea and dizziness, drinking this tea is a very effective home remedy for motion sickness.

This tea has many benefits for us

Number 5 lemon grass tea.

We have already learned about another tea which is good for digestion. This tea is also very good for us, especially for digestion. You can also drink this tea if you want. It is a very tasty tea. Then if we consume this tea in our work shops or when we are tired then we can get rid of our daily fatigue. If we eat lemon grass mixed with a little bit of lemon juice, it can invigorate our body in a few moments. This lemon or grass tea is good for reducing high blood pressure in our body. This tea is very good as it can be made at home.

Number 6 lavender tea.

We all have a lot of sleep problems at the present time. I also had a lot of problems with this tea I would suggest this tea to those who have a lot of sleep problems at night. This lavender tea is very necessary for them. You can easily get rid of your sleep problems with this tea.Did you know that the fragrant aroma of this tea refreshes my body and mind so that it can easily deal with our insomnia problems and if we eat this tea, if our body is bad then the soap can also go away.

Number 7 cardamom tea.

Many of us have digestive problems. Many of us want to get rid of this problem. If a tea is useful for us, then all of us will benefit. This cardamom tea can give us a lot of relief. This tea has a strong bitter and sweet taste which can help in relieving our stomach pain and indigestion This tea works like a medicine for us. This cardamom tea eliminates the problem of flatulence. We can easily get rid of our stomach problems by drinking this tea. If we consume this tea when we feel nauseous, then this cardamom tea is very useful for relieving our nausea.

Number 8 rose petal tea.

Many people may be surprised to hear the name of this tea that it can be rose petals and tea. So I want to say to them that this tea is very beneficial for our health.If we drink fresh rose petal tea, it will strengthen our body's ability to fight disease many times over. This tea is a very popular tea. And the reason why this tea is so popular is because this tea is rich in vitamin C. Even this traditional feeling tea usually helps us to overcome the problem of high blood pressure.This tea is very useful for patients who have high blood pressure You can drink this tea regularly to reduce the level of bad cholesterol in the blood of the body.

No. 9 nettle leaf tea.

Tea is our regular habit but if a cup of tea is so good for our body then why don't we start drinking this tea. This nettle leaf tea is very beneficial for us. It helps a lot in healing the pain and wounds of our bone joints. If we eat this herbal tea regularly, then this tea helps in eliminating the problem of urinary tract infections. Even drinking this tea helps to keep our bladder and kidneys very good, so this tea is very beneficial for those of us who have problems with high blood pressure and anemia. It is very beneficial for all of us.

I hope you like my post a lot. If you like it, then of course you will respond. Your response inspires me a lot.

I am very encouraged to write new articles.

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Written by   126
2 years ago
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