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2 years ago

Assalamualikum everyone

How are you all?

I hope everyone well by the grace of Almighty.

I am also very well Allhamdulillah .

It's me @Sumi_kaisar once again come with new article.

The only thing I'm going to talk to you about today is wood nuts. These nuts are very useful and useful things. Almost all countries use a large amount of these nuts.

So let's get started,

The scientific name of this nut is Terminalia catappa. The value of this nut is so high that it is widely used in all countries. This almond is the name given to a very large fruit beech tree, which is also called the wood almond tree Did you know that the juicy fruit of this tree has a few beeches 3 to 4 cm long inside? When the beech is ripe, these beeches can be taken out from the fruit and eaten directly or fried. Even the beeches that are there are known as walnuts. The seeds of this tree have a very nutty smell. You will be surprised to know that these wood nuts are very well known all over the world as Indian nuts.

These wood nut trees typically grow up to 35 meters (115 feet) tall. This tree is very handsome to look at. To see this tree, the stalks protrude horizontally from the top. Thus this tree is very useful as its fruit is also very juicy and in its inner cell there are a few beeches which we call walnut. These fruits cannot be eaten raw. When they are ripe, the seeds inside the tapir become edible. These seeds are a lot like walnuts to eat. As these trees age, the stalks on the tops of these trees become much flatter. It looks like a vase. The branches of this tree are arranged in layers which is amazing to look at.

The leaves are much larger in size, such as 15-25 cm (5.9 - 9.8 in) long and 10-14 cm (3.9-5.5 in) wide, oval in appearance The color of these leaves is very bright green. The leaves of these trees fall again in the dry season. Did you know that when these leaves fall, they look very pink-red or yellowish-brown before they fall.

These nuts are very tasty to eat. Many people believe that eating these nuts increases intelligence, so all mothers allow their children to eat these nuts with milk. Thus, these nuts are eaten in various cooking activities. For example, to make paise, semaya, to make sweets, to cook pudding, to do more different cooking.

These nuts have many benefits.

★Eating these nuts increases digestive energy and even lightens the body.

★Eating nuts is as beneficial for our heart as it is for our brain and health.

★These nuts help in controlling our blood cholesterol.

★ Helps to strengthen our bones and teeth.

★Eating nuts strengthens our body's immune system just as it gives energy to our body.

★It reduces our inflammation.

★Eating nuts benefits our skin and hair a lot.

★Eating walnuts helps us control insulin and blood pressure.

So friends, if everyone like my article then pleas

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Written by   126
2 years ago
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