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Why are incompetent leaders increasing in the world?

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4 months ago

Have you ever seen someone who is as big and worthy as he or she is, if he or she is not as big or worthy? Most of these people are usually men. This is because men are more fascinated with their own intelligence than women. But the problem is, such people are more likely to succeed in their own careers!

The first condition for success in fooling others is to deceive oneself into believing oneself to be great and to believe in one's own lies first. And this is why you have not only worked with people who think they are bigger than others, but you have worked under them.

My Post....👇🏻

Sadly being unaware of your own abilities increases your chances of becoming a boss.

Psychologists and researchers who try to explain human behavior using science and technology are always surprised by the interrelationships of gender, personality and leadership, especially how gender and personality control our leader selection and how these then elected leaders Affects their subordinate organizations.

Discussions about gender are usually focused on underestimating female leadership, which is more or less the case in almost all countries of the world. With the exception of Iceland, the leaders of most countries in the world are usually men. More importantly, most of these leaders are highly incompetent.

Most leaders in business or politics have a very negative effect on their subordinates, resulting in subordinates losing interest in participation, lack of trust and at the same time productivity is disrupted and employees suffer from stress.

Most people have a negative attitude towards their manager or boss. Now the question is why there are no more women in the leadership positions or why there are so many incompetents?

There are basically three reasons for this.

The first reason is, those who choose leadership, or in our case, do not understand the difference between confidence and competence. We often think that if someone is confident, they are more likely to be good at leadership. But in any sector, the relationship between how much you consider yourself an expert and how much you actually are an expert is rare. That is to say, the field in which you speak, self-confidence, that is, how well one thinks of oneself in a task, in fact, how well one can do it, that is, there is no relation between actual qualifications, one is the idea of ​​the mind, the other is reality.

In most cases, those who are in the position of leader have little in the way of real qualifications.

The second reason is our fascination with attractive personalities. Which is basically since the 80s especially now, in this digital age, it is seen that the people of the country want a leader who is very attractive, charming and entertaining. But there is a huge difference between a successful stand-up comedian and an effective leader. Most effective and best leaders were rather humble than attractive. Their courtesy was even at a boring stage. And for this reason, these leaders are not shown in the media or in blockbuster movies. Because it doesn't need to be effective to show on camera, it needs to be interesting and entertaining.

For example, Angela Merkel is an effective leader. Now imagine a woman like her as the main character of a movie! It's not about feeling good. Imagine waking up, making breakfast for the family, going to a meeting with proper preparation, and finishing the day's work with great ability without any drama. When someone speaks, he listens quietly, does not interrupt or make any scene while speaking. He runs the country in a beautiful way, there is no scandal about him. If a movie is made with such a character, will anyone watch it? Where there is no ups and downs, everything is being done smoothly?

Attractive people on the other hand often have some bad aspects and because of their incompetence they lead their country, organization towards destruction.

Finally the third reason is our endless attraction to selfish self-absorbed people who work in our own self-fascination. Such incompetent self-absorbed people show us the hope of achieving the impossible and with their irrational ambitions our own ambitions are added.

We usually like famous people, especially those who are famous only because of fame. The number of such people is constantly increasing who are famous despite their inability to play any role in the development of the country or the nation, it is difficult to show a good reason behind their fame.

For the most part, successful people who give great advice tend to be selfish. Suppose you hear such things, love yourself anyway, love your self! People don't care about you. You are the best if you think you are the best.

This kind of ideology basically creates some new types of leaders who are self-satisfied and have no idea about their own limitations, they have no knowledge about the peak of their performance. And no matter what the situation in the country, they are fascinated with themselves. Such people basically owe leadership to their own, incapable of empathy and self-control. As a result, they fail to run the organization in a just manner and endanger the country and the nation with unreasonable risks.

In contrast, the best leaders control their own selfishness, and they think about others, how others care about them, they try to be free from filth. They take their reputation very seriously so scandals are very rare.

Now the real thing is how can we stop incompetent people from being leaders? First of all, we have to look at the symptoms of a competent leader. There is a huge discrepancy between the qualities of a leader that are alluring and attractive and the qualities that are needed.

If we want a leader capable of running the country, then we have to look for the right qualities. Don't be tempted by charming, attractive characters, but give leadership to those who have the ability, have a sense of humanity and humility. When the selection of qualified leaders starts, you will see that more female leaders will come than men, because it has been proven in many years of scientific research that women are ahead of men in terms of modesty, humanity and competence. The main thing is that in this way it will be possible to get qualified leadership for the country and the organization.

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Written by   124
4 months ago
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But I see differently on this topic. I am not ignoring your three reasons but I appreciate those too.

For me, those leaders are because of favouritism, nepotism, which made their way to the chair. There are many capable leaders there out but they are always kept in shadow.

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4 months ago

Women is not perfect in leadership this is what i can say.. Leave other country but look to Bangladesh.. Right now our Prime Minister Sheikh Hasani who is not perfect in any way as her all activities now bullshit in Bangladesh people.. But if you look back 1980 here then you can see here president were boy name "Jiarul".. Who have contributed much more than shekih doing now.. As well that time Bangladesh were powerful but now?? We are like slave of Indian.. If you look Germany there president women but no power or something yet because women can not lead leadership🥱

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4 months ago

I believe another reason we don't see lots of woman in leaderships position is because of the rigid constitutions on ground. It doesn't give room for women

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4 months ago