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Online surveys can be a digital trap for manipulating information!

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4 months ago
Topics: Awareness

At present we have many types of online surveys Most of which actually use Google Docs! And Google products are trustworthy, and in many cases it's just a matter of time before we take part in these surveys.

Again, this digital trap often offers something very tempting and encourages you to take part in the survey! And we take part!

But do we know that this is a huge data manipulation strategy?

What are the maximum types of online surveys? Let's find out -

The ones that are the most are :

Family life is often added to personal preferences, dislikes, favorite games or shows, or favorite products, or personal life. Whatever it is, now you may have a question, what else can he do with these?

What do you really do, with these?

When a cyber group prepares for a cyber attack on your community or something else, they need some information later. They take refuge most of the time in this digital trap.

If you like a game or a web series, they will offer it to you very easily, if people step in there, you will be trapped and have to pay everything!

Let's make the matter a little more beautiful!

Let's say you know your favorite thing from your Facebook survey! Remember that is the name of a movie! Which is not currently online Or even if paid . They will then offer you to watch it for free, you will be happy to go to see the movie, then log in there or sign up to create a scam page to grab all your information!

Moreover, with all this information, they do promotional advertisements in your mail or number! Especially by selling the information of this survey, they make a lot of money!

So what's the way? Stop online surveys?

No, no need to stop! Because this online survey is also done for the benefit of many Often the law enforcement or local cyber security team also knows a lot of information for your security. Moreover, in many cases, many important things are done through them! So no need to stop!

Need a little awareness Here are some things to keep in mind when you survey:

Whether the site you are surveying is trustworthy

🎯 Whether the organization is trustworthy even if it is Google Docs

🎯 Whether it wants your personal information like name, address, phone number etc.

🎯 Whether it is seeking information about your personal and family life

Whether it's asking for your bank account information or social media password related information

🎯 That is the answer to some common questions, such as your father's name Father's birthplace 6 Or look for the girl's name, her birthday date, etc., because these can also be used to recover passwords.

In all these cases, I will discourage you from participating in the survey. In other cases, you can give if you want.But it is always better to take security .So stay safe by yourself.

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Written by   124
4 months ago
Topics: Awareness
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