How to motivate yourself when frustrated in achieving goals

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There is no one in the world who does not want to be successful in life. We all want success and that success is greatly enhanced if there is inspiration.

Success means different things in each person's life. Some want to be famous, some want to be very wise,Someone wants to make their child a good person,Some people want to be successful with self-satisfaction for the benefit of others and some people just want to be successful by being very proud.

Finding new inspiration is one of the key to success

Although not everyone in the world has the same definition of success, the goal is the same. And that is , we all want to succeed.

"A self-development guru of the 1970s, defined success as "success is the achievement of a goal set by one's own will." Simply put, success is about being able to reach your goals - Earl Nightingale"

Success doesn't come as easily as we would like it to. Success requires hard work and dedication.

If anyone thinks I want to be a good businessman and it turns out to be so, he/she is a successful person. Someone's goal is to be a good teacher, to make their students ideal human beings and if he/she can do that person is successful then someone thinks that she will be a good wife and mother and if she can achieve that, she is also successful.

Hard work is behind the success of all the successful people we see in the world. The goal is to accept sacrifice to achieve. There are a lot of things that are difficult at that moment but to achieve the goal you have to do those difficult things with a smile. You have to be patient. And because of this, many who do not have the patience and courage and the ability to accept the hardships and sacrifices cannot achieve their goals.

I said at the outset that inspiration also plays a special role behind success because there are many people who can't succeed and suffer from depression even when there is no lack of desire and effort to achieve the goal. They do not understand what should be done, why success is not coming. Because of this many people lose inspiration.

Finding new inspiration

The word "if" has a very bad effect on the life of every one of us.Many will agree with me that especially when we devote ourselves to achieving a goal, one or the other problem gets in our way, especially our mentality.

Maybe at the beginning of the year you set a goal to change your life and promise to move towards a bigger goal by working on time but for some strange reason you can't get there as soon as you want

As I said before, people get into more trouble when it comes to big goals. You might want to be a successful entrepreneur, and you see opportunities to do business. But for some reason you can't finally get to work. You may think that the market will get worse as soon as you get into business (which is likely to happen all the time). Or you may think, you are still not skilled enough to get on the field. - Such thoughts only make people late.

Because of these negative thoughts, many people choose to live a normal life instead of taking risks and fulfilling their big goals. But he regrets in his heart - which never allows them to live in peace.

Never give up if you fall into such a situation on the way to fulfilling the goal. Instead, ask yourself 4 questions to find the lost path. If you think about these questions properly, you will be able to move forward towards your goal again. The desire to achieve the goal will become stronger in you.

Ask yourself some questions to inspire yourself

# Where do you want to see yourself:

Everyone wants to reach the ultimate goal but to achieve these goals not just say it orally, decide it in your mind and if you can, write it down and write it down in your diary.

Because if you memorize it or write it down, you are more likely to succeed

Because if you memorize it or write it down, you are more likely to succeed.

You can't do everything at once to achieve a big goal. So divide these big or long-term plans into smaller parts, such as where you want to see yourself after a year or so.

If your goal is to become something after 5 years, divide that goal as small as possible - do it.

If you get lost after a while working towards the goal, meaning you don't know where you are going, or what you are doing - ask yourself, have you divided the long-term goal into small enough?

If not, divide the few-year goal into a one-year first. Then divide the years into six-month, three-month, and one-month targets.

If you can do this, you will not be disappointed. As soon as one meets a small goal you will gain more confidence anew. And move on to the next small goal. In this way, gradually, without losing your way, you will be able to reach the goal one at a time.

#How much you are using your time and skills:

One of the main reasons for not achieving goals is not making full use of your skills and time.We get frustrated if goals are not met on time. Which can't be done at all. Instead, ask yourself, 'Are you using your full potential at the right time?'This question is very important because we ourselves do not understand how much we have actually used our skills.

As I said before, some sacrifices have to be made to achieve the goal. A student has 3 months to complete the syllabus - if he can't do that, he should ask himself questions instead of getting frustrated. He could not read more than the number of hours he read? The 4 hours he watched movies every week - if he had spent even 2 hours reading, maybe the syllabus would have ended.

In each case, we have seized it, despite obstacles we can scarcely imagine. " - Of course, there is nothing to be disappointed with. Rather, it is wise to use this extra opportunity to find new motivations to start anew. If you regret it, more time or opportunity will be wasted.

# How much time do you really need to meet the goal?

It has something to do with the previous point. However, this point is added only because time needs to be discussed separately.

We often set up a timeline without thinking too much about the goal. But I get frustrated if the goal is not met in that time, or if it doesn't get closer. I don't think it's possible for me to meet this goal.

But it is possible that the time you have set is not really possible. You may not have calculated correctly.

If ever it seems that the goal is not being met in time. And if you feel frustrated because of this, do a little research without giving up. Is it possible to meet the goal you set in this period? - No matter how talented you are, it is not possible to learn a new language completely in just one year, or to acquire knowledge like medicine or engineering in just 1 year. Or it is not possible to make a new business a big brand in just 1-2 years without the support of another big investor or company.

I mentioned these as examples. But we often set a deadline for a goal without doing a good research on the actual timeline. And I get frustrated if I can't meet the target at that time.

There's nothing to be frustrated about, if you ask yourself, "How much time do I actually need to accomplish my goal? And have I really calculated the deadline?" - Then you see, a lot of things are becoming clear to yourself.

Again the deadline took maybe 1 year, and that’s okay. But instead of working 10 hours a day, you worked 8 hours. - This is one of the reasons why goals are not met on time.

If you look at these things, you will notice many unintentional mistakes. You can fix whatever you want. You will see that the matter is not as complicated as it seemed. This will allow you to work on your goals with new inspiration instead of being frustrated.

# Why did the plan fail?

As I said before, many people give up often because they see big risks. Excludes the task of fulfilling one's own goals. Most of the time it happens when people face temporary failure. When a plan fails, many people fall behind.

But the failure of the plan means the opportunity to rediscover yourself. Finding your own mistakes, correcting them - the opportunity to make yourself more efficient.

So without giving up, ask yourself, why did the plan fail? - Think about it. Talk to trusted friends or seniors. You will see your mistakes coming out. Look at yourself without blaming others or the situation. Think about your mistakes. But don’t go punishing yourself.

Instead, prepare yourself so that mistakes do not happen again.By doing so, you will get new inspiration to move towards the goal.

Last word

Many times we get lost because we can't think properly, or we can't get out of mental captivity. Which actually causes frustration and despair. There is no such thing as a "dead end" when it comes to meeting goals. The path is there all the time, just have to think clearly. If you can think clearly in a cold head, a lot of tangles can be opened. Simple solutions to many complex things come out, which inspire people anew.

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I needed this article most.I am becomimg frustrated everyday!

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2 years ago

Nowadays, success is not related to hard work but it is finding the loopholes without breaking the laws and accumulating more than others is called success. With time success's hidden meaning is also changed. And agreeable to the points that if we need success we need to plan. Without plan there is no chance. We need to make small small plans to execute bugger ones.

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2 years ago

Thank you for this miss sujana I really need this kind of content.❤️❤️❤️

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2 years ago

Wc. Thanks

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2 years ago

Yeah, many times we fail in our aim due to our give up or wrong decision. For doing something we must make a plan for how we must start it and if we get failed then we must learn from our failure. Excellent and beneficial article

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2 years ago