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Good relationship between parents can be an ideal parenting

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8 months ago

When it comes to parenting, we discuss a variety of skills. we use various techniques to raise children.Many theoretical expectations move into people.But many of us may or may not be aware of how we as a parent can give our children a better environment and what we need to do for their bright future.But we must always remember that the place of a child's first education is his family and his family members, especially the parents. The environment that will grow after the birth of a child is characterized by about 80% of the environment.So in the case of parenting, first of all, the relationship between the parents, mutual understanding and how much one understands the other, these factors also have the greatest impact on the child.

That is why the first thing we have to do is that the mutual understanding between husband and wife must be good.

The first thing that happens is that our children become self-respecting and their foundation is strong. They can believe in themselves as well as everyone around them.

And they have a sense of security that accompanies security so they can explore or learn the whole world.

But on the other hand, when they see that their foundation is very weak. The relationship between parents is deteriorating, then their self-confidence begins to decline.When they do not see a good compromise between the parents, they create a fearful environment for themselves and their self-esteem decreases.

So in my article today I want to discuss the basic four steps. Hopefully if we follow these four steps in our lives then maybe the communication gaps that are created between Husband and Wife can be filled to a great extent.

1 ** The first problem they have is not understanding each other's personalities

Maybe the husband is introverted and the wife is extroverted. An introvert and an extrovert are two characters who grow up expressing their love in two ways.

They analyze each other’s lives in two ways and want to enjoy them in two ways. Suppose they have ever been to a beautiful place.

The introvert who goes for a walk, but can't explore nature so much. He wants to be in a relaxed mood, sleep a little, have a cup of tea and coffee and enjoy the time in a relaxed mood.

And knowing Extrovert he will go to enjoy him all his time.He will be very eager to get up at five in the morning to find nature. He will go up the mountain and make full use of all his time. In this case, if the mindset of the two is different, then if one does not understand the other, then there will be quarrels and different mental disorders

There is a lot of misunderstanding between them. Maybe you misunderstand each other and think that they are not paying attention to you knowingly or that they are disrespecting your wishes.It is often seen here that one of the two likes to be very tidy, tidy and the other does not give much importance to being tidy and tidy. There may be trouble between them, but the main thing is that if one has the ability to understand the other, then there is no room for trouble. So the key point is to understand each other. To understand or try to understand and asking from the inside that I understand my wife

2**The second thing is to expect from one another. We should not expect too much. Yes, you can expect something from your partner or my loved one. But it is not right to take. For exemple:

Your husband might like to wear a white shirt. So you tell him that you like this white shirt or your wife might want to see him wear blue sari then you can also tell him that you will like wearing blue sari today but in mind if you expect him to know your choice and even after knowing he Why are you wearing another color shirt then. It's nothing more than a misconception so don't expect too much and tell each other about yourself and try to understand each other.

Maybe your partner loves you but lack of understanding will lead to less sincerity towards each other.

3 **Comment before you correct.From the very beginning of married life, if we can mislead each other from the beginning, we can just keep telling him not to do it, you are doing it wrong, you do it, it will be right, but the love between the two will not be so strong because neither of us likes such people. That always catches my mistake

We need to connect emotionally first. Then we will correct. Since we will be together for the rest of our lives, we should first connect emotionally with each other and then the behavior of the two will continue to be correct.

4**It is very difficult to find a family that does not have quarrels or quarrels between husband and wife but we must abide by quarrels.

*Such quarrels should never be done in front of child, it should always be done behind the backs of childs.

*Bad words should never be used or abused during a fight.

*You can't say bad things about someone's parents during a fight and I'll divorce you verbally. This kind of behavior should be avoided because it hurts a lot to use it.

*You can never raise your hand during a fight.

If we can adhere to these five things then maybe our behavior during the fight will be at a deplorable level and if somehow this fight comes up in front of our children then they will not be scared and will maintain respect for each other.

Every family we see has one or the other of these four problems and in one way or another their children are insecure because of these problems.

In particular, they have a fear of what might happen to them where they have no parental relationship, and this will inevitably hinder the child's character development and behavior.

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Written by   124
8 months ago
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Nice artical ❤❤❤❤

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8 months ago

Wow mam you have written it beautifully... ❤️ Mention all the things of my mind about parents and children's relationship ❤️

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8 months ago