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The inference of Parenthood (1)

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4 weeks ago

The institution called marriage is a great investment as planned by God, to promote peace, spiritual accomplishment as well as promoting a good image name family in the society. There is a need for this purpose to be fulfilled by every well functioning as family, in every family.

Do your part.

The structure of family in accordance to the plan of God is one man and one woman and one the children. The father and mother are ones in the upbringing of two different backgrounds based on the father curriculum of their parent, so as this is a result of one.

In upbringing, every mother and father should prepare and train their children as though a new family is what they are training. In this scheme, every man and wife must schematically have a set of rules, for training their family.

According to many needs of the society today has prompted this article which, I think, will make present fathers and mothers of today, the parents of today to benefit from at this time. To live with the mark for a very long time to bring about the stirring in the appropriate direction towards the expected outcome to the universe.

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Firstly, talking cognizant of the effect of family in promoting peace in the community. Family can bring peace to the society if each family in the community maintain peace among each other. We as humans must embrace peaceful acts.

Ways of promoting peaceful act.

Me as an upcoming father need to learn how to not involve myself in any form of conflict no matter how small or big it may be. As I have been trained to treat everyone with love and respect. I think this will help me in improving myself towards living a peaceful life. The best way to start is when there is an argument in the family, I should have a way of resolving it.

A typical example.

A father who has three children (two sons and a daughter) and a wife, he works and is being paid weekly, he sends money to the wife from work. He only comes home during the end of each month to visit his family and will spend maximum of three days. So, each month ending, use to give a book to each child to write the report of what has happened while he is not at home.

Each of them will write for a whole day when trying to pour out the whole of his or her heart. They are allowed to write anything they like provided it is related to what has happened, and he also gives them form to write their needs. So, each of them a lot of time to write.

Potential father tomorrow

As a father who has been away for a while, I think, this is a way to get the mind of the children always with himself. No son or daughter will forget every monthly smile like such. He used to read all the reports and will take time to give the necessary corrections as needed, and the mother monitored the children and made sure the corrections is what the children follow.

If there is any conflict between them, he will resolve it and make them to apologize to each other. Then he will give them the gift he has brought for them. With time, they do not need the father to apologize before they apologize to each other anymore. They really love each other so much and respect each other.

The inference is nowadays, not each of the parents believes that they have responsibility of making peace to reign in their family. It is significant for every parent to have this in the priority list. A peaceful family today extends to a peaceful community. This is the truth of the whole thing.

I will continue from here when next i have the chance. This is a very critical issue which my interest has been drawn to this lately.

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Written by   21
4 weeks ago
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Parental care and control is very important in the life of children because they play the major role in children life

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4 weeks ago

Exactly, every parent should contribute to the lives of their children.

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3 weeks ago

The idea of writing a diary of what has happened throughout the whole month is amazing. I am glad to know that you are preparing to be a good father.

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4 weeks ago

I must be a good father, the idea of writing report is an interesting one. It will also develop their writing skill

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3 weeks ago