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Natural rules

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8 months ago

Three natural rules that are right but right. First law Nature: If "the pixel" in the field is not put, "it gives it to" grass ", ... so that if" brain "does not be filled with" good thoughts "," Caesar Fake "makes her own habitat. That is, only in "the underlying" ideas come and becomes the "devil's house". Second Law Nature: Which "whatever" is "shared". . . Happy Mirror is a "Share". The sorrow is a "slave". The alarm is "knowledge". The decent person shares "religion". Scared man shared "fear". Third Law Nature: Learn how to get whatever you get in life, so that. . . Diet is born ("diseases" because of not eating digestion. "Raidity" increases if the goods are not digestive. The "Church" and "Ghaji" grows when not digestion is not digestive. In case of praise is not digestion, "priest" increases. Due to the digestion of the condemnation, "hostile" grows. In the case of grief is not being disappointed "disappointment". The risks increase in the case of power and power is not digestive. Make your life easier and live a "BOOG" and "Biral Ethics", make the easiest for people to be happy ... share the happiness

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