Sixth sense: How much illusionc how much truth

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Scientists all over the world are trying to test the sixth sense through different experiments Dan Redd a Senior Scientist at the Institute for Narrative Science land has been loudly touting the truth of the sixth sense -saying that we get a gut feeling that something is about to happen Scientists say that it can be said with certainty that there is something hidden inside our brain thanks to which we can feel the future Why do we get a sense of upcoming events first? How do birds and animals find the right path in Seeing and hearing? feelings smelling and tasting are the five senses that connect us with the world but apart from them are there any other senses in us that cover the supernatural and beyond this world these things? Man becomes able to understand such things report full of revelations containing new research and modern scientific evidence which are not a part of our daily experiences but most of the time humans come into contact with it- Thanks to this sense we can also feel tomorrow- Scientists call this sense the sixth sense or the sixth sense and this sixth sense exists in some form oranother in every human being to a certain extent- Sometimes a person feels as if some calamity is coming or suddenly starts feeling as if there is a fear of some great loss or some work is to be done which seems to bring some great good news and if after a while Hs expected an event that was thought of a while ago should appear were or were expecting it and if the some thought is present in the form of reality then the feeling of thinking like this or the happening of this event is called the sixth sense- In the

the same way some people call inspirations i-e- seeing a dream and when the same thing comes trues Kashf‘ i-e- a dream that is -seen during the day when a person is awaken this state is also called the sixth sense Is the sixth sense really a truth? Is it possible that thanks to this sense man can sense tomorrow what does science say about it?

Scientists have been trying to find evidence of a sixth sense for the past hundred years- Evidence is also being sought that whether the sixth sense is found in animals4 birds or insects apart from humans- Research on the sixth sense is being done in many countries of the world- Scientists say that it is entirely possible that the existence of a sixth sense in humans or animals is possible- Recently‘ in the light of the experiments and the evidence that have been found in the last few decades it can now be said with certainty that there is something hidden inside our brains thanks to which we can sense the future- Scientists all-over the world are trying to test the sixth sense through different experiments Dutch scientist Beaters is researching how our emotions are transmitted from one person to another- She is also doing

research on blindness- Through his experiment so he has proved that some blind people can see the emotions on the faces of others; it is generally believed that we can see with the eyes and the eyes can also see because they are the brain- are connected to Batters are investigating whether the brain can receive visual signals from a source other than the eye- In his experiment Batters showed blind people pictures of angry sad and happy faces- Electrodes on the patient's face sensed any changes in his

emotion muscles- In this experiment, they observed that the same emotions that were seen in the pictures were being

imitated by the young people and they were unknowingly using the muscles that the models on the screen used to smile- What was or was for the sad face When patients were asked if they were doing a case or could see something most patients responded that they were guessing- Batters thinks that blindsight is actually a subconscious system in a hidden part of the a brain that can only receive signals from emotional images- Beatrice‘s mind apart Trying to look into different layers to find out what's going on inside or in the back of the brain: how does it work how it's made is it in the old layers underneath? Batters discovered these old layers when he subjected a patient to an MRI and showed him the same emotional images- Images are

normally sent to the visual cortex via the optic nerves but when the eyes see human emotions& they change the route to the amygdala and supercilium and six other structures in the brain- I go- There are at least nine distinct pathways in the human visual system‘ one of which we have onlyjust begun to understand while eight pathways are still completely in the dark- For now it seems- that only when one path is closed does the rest open up- Pathways have been identified that allow us to feel emotions rather than see them- These pathways exist within all humans but are usually suppressed by the primary cells of our vision- This is the first scientific evidence of a new Hawas Khamsa in addition to the five Hawas Khamsa we know- Beatrice research shows that our brains can sense things we don't even know about- It seems that we can only understand the sixth sense when we understand the boundary between conscious awareness and subconscious experience- It turns out that our brains can sense things that we don't even know about- It seems that we can only understand the sixth sense when we understand the boundary between conscious awareness and subconscious experience- It turns out that our brains can sense things that we don't even know about- It seems that we can only understand the sixth sense when we understand the -the boundary between conscious awareness and subconscious experience Neuroscientists say that there is a pattern of electrical activity in our brains if you are angry or smile everyone in the room understands what you are thinking- Some scientists also say that the sixth sense works in the same way- Human thought becomes a collective consciousness and spreads throughout the world- Roger Nelson has been searching for evidence of global consciousness for the past thirty years- His Global Consciousness projects are running in different countries of the worlds including Australias New Zealands Hawaii and many countries in Europe- Each of them has a random number generator connected to a computer- This globe network works day and night and collects data and sends it to Roger‘s lab‘s servers which appears as a color block every second Whenever a major world event occurs Roger sees how much has changed in his network- He from 340 One of the data he collected from the Global Consciousness Project stands out from the rest- They looked at the 9/11 data that had changed a lot at that time the data from about a week before 9/ ll showed some activity that was not normal and the data up to 4:30 in the morning of 9/11- I began to see a clear difference although it was supposed to happen after 9/11 but it started before the plane crash when the Global Consciousness Network responded before it happened- Roger's data suggests that he was a global consciousness but how does this global consciousness actually work?

Biologist Rupa Shelder believes the answer lies in the field that every living thing produces called the morphic field- We can understand this field from the example of the magnetic field when we bring some magnets close to each other they attract each other or Hways they rotate and gather in a pattern- These fields have a self—organizing property and are naturally present in them just as there is another field called the Morphic Fields which organize the mind and thought by bringing animals and plants into order- Gives They say that because of the morphic fields birds fly in particular formations because of the morphic fields animals and birds migrate on a large scale- Thanks to these fields they also become aware of the impending danger- They believe that our world is

encased in a magnetic field many of the world's organisms cannot live without- Sea turtles fish and other marine life navigate through this global magnetic field- Does our mind also use it and isn't this magnetism the root of our sixth sense Neuroscientist Michael Persinger believes that the earth's magnetic field has an effect on animals as well- They say animals use the three—dimensional magnetic field as navigational devices but we still don't know the mechanism by which it works- The Earth‘s magnetic field is actually the medium we all exist in- Because of its we receive information from each other- According to one theory the magnetic field is actually like a churning ocean- That electrical activity travels on these waves and is transmitted from person to person is a very strange theory but Michael designed a large experiment to test it- His team placed

two subjects Mark and Mandys six meters apart- Kept in two separate rooms- The two rooms could not see each other nor hear any sound from there could They were also outside the Earth‘s magnetic field- Michael instead created a controlled -magnetic field of his owns generated by an electrical coil on the head—ends so that Mark and Mandy felt the same magnetic field Michael wanted to see if having the same magnetic field would cause some brain activity- Five minutes later the light was flashed and surprisingly Mandy's brain activity also increased at the same time as the light was flashed in Mark‘s room- Now

Michael had to find out what Mandy felt in that room- reported that about three minutes later she felt a bright light in her left eye and about five minutes later she felt a similar bright light in her right eye- There was a difference in brain activity- This the experiment proved that brains in two places can feel the same and if there is a change in one brain the other will also change-we all Dan Redd is a Senior Scientist at the Institute for Narrative Science and has been loudly touting the truth of the sixth sense- They claim that this feeling is not something magical but that we get it from our sixth sense- They say that most people have a gut feeling- An example of this is that while driving a car as soon as we reach a turn or an intersection some bad thoughts come

to our heart and we slowdowns, we are afraid of something- passes and if the speed had not been reduced we might have collided with him what is the end? Actually, this happens because we see our future- Dean believes that gut feeling is actually the result of this conscious sense of the future- In his experiments, he asked his subject Janets to look at pictures on computer monitors and at the same time he began recording Janet's stress levels and psychological responses- Janet was shown different types of pictures some were plain and

some were emotional and then they measured Janet‘s skin conductance to see which pictures caused stress levels- Dan was expecting a dramatic change in his response to seeing an emotional picture but he didn't see that change- See pictures Seconds before that their stress level changed- Though they had not yet seen the emotional picture this difference they called the pre—sentiment responses according to Janet‘s pre—sentiment response pictures- Reacts before seeing- In hundreds

of trials over the past thirty years they have seen similar results- fill of his subjects showed a pre—emotional response- They say that this effect starts to occur as early as about five seconds but we don't yet know its limits- But the sixth sense is a truth

even if it is not as strong as our other five senses. The sixth sense is no longer outside of science! Is there really a sixth sense? Now there is no point in asking this question- Brain research has already elucidated these pathways but can our brain connect to the global mind or can we sense the future? There is very little evidence for this yet but one day we will find the answers because the answers are right here inside our brains.

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