Say no to tobacco!!

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Thousands of young people in the world lose their lives due to drugs. Drugs are a very bad habit. Because of this, thousands of mothers lost their sons. Addiction to tobacco is very dangerous for human beings. Many young people are dying from drugs. Many people tried to raise their voice against drugs but their voices were suppressed. Due to which, it is still intoxicating. Tobacco in cigarette is used in very large quantities. It gives rise to many new human diseases. We should need to stop this!!!

It is very difficult to stop tobacco. Today we will take a look at how we can prevent tobacco.

1. Tight security on borders

Most of the drugs are smuggled into the country by smugglers across the border. This is how drugs enter the country. In order to prevent this, honest officers have to be formed at the border so that the trade of smugglers can be stopped honestly. People who are the protectors and allies of the country should be put on borders. There is no point in doing anything inside the country as long as the country can get rid of drugs. Officers should be given full authority over the borders. This will allow them to stop drug smuggling. And in this way, drug smuggling can be substantially prevented.

2. Checking in cities

Strict and honest officers should be deployed in the cities.This will enable better checking of city transport. This is where tobacco comes enters in cities. In this way. Smugglers can stop smuggling of tobacco. Similarly, there should be a police officers at every place where there is a danger of smuggling. In this way, tobacco smuggling can be significantly reduced and young people can be saved from being addictive. 

3. Strict officers

Apart from all these, the country is in dire need of honest police officers. Many corrupt officers allow smuggling to take place in society. So keeping them in police can be detrimental. Very good officers should be given full authority. So they work their with passion and honesty.

4. T.V ads to stop tobacco

Different types of T.V ads should be run. Make people aware of the dangers of tobacco. Let the younger generation know the dangers in tobacco. Many people may dig up using tobacco in this way. 

But doing all this will not be enough. We ourselves have to come forward to stop this. We have to get out of our homes. In this way, many mothers do not sacrifice their young sons. Thanks 

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