Luck or Destiny-?

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The question of luck and destiny is quite confusing. This question I used to hear a lot in my 5th grade. What is the best option, luck or destiny? Who should we trust? Who should be trusted? Do they even exist in our lives? Can anything change that? There are many such questions around. Today we will try find the answer.


First of all we will talk about destiny. Destiny is the very essence of our life by nature. We cannot change destiny, nor we can't know what is written in our destiny. We do not have to rely on destiny but with circumstances you can do as you are told. Destiny is a gift from nature. What you will do in life is written in destiny even before you were born. Destiny also opens up a lot.

Some people think that they know what is written in their destiny. But in reality this is a very bad lie. To this day no one knows his destiny and will not go. How to change destiny well, The only way to do this is to pray to your God, who will write good things for you in your destiny. Destiny can be changed if you please God with something other than that make happy to the God.

Destiny does not really exist. Many of the ancients believed that destiny exists, but over time, that is likely to change. Nowadays, there are very few people who believe in destiny. Because everything has evolved so much that now even human parts can be changed.

Can destiny change anything? Generally, It's up to you. If you believe that destiny is reality, then destiny exists in your mind . So now the way to change as i had said ago. Ask your God sincerely for purity or success in life.

Only by pursuing destiny we know what is written in destiny. The fact is that as we pursue destiny, we forget to think for ourselves. It creates hatred, resentment and ego in ourselves. It is good to know the destiny, but it is not always right to mention what is written in my destiny.

You should be concerned about your own destiny, but you should not be concerned about your own destiny.Be concerned about yourself. But not with reference to one's own destiny See, the one who has written destiny must have written it with some good thoughts.


Now let's talk about luck. The luck is yours. No one can take responsibility for what your luck is and whether it will work for you in difficult times.

The condition of the luck is trial. If you are happy then this is your luck. There are some people whose luck is very good but they are not happy they do not have wealth even if they have luck.

We must learn the art of recognizing the luck. The luck does not work everywhere, it shows the conditions of the place. Is anyone listening to you wherever you are? If no one is paying attention to you, the luck will hardly work there. Because time is condition of trial.

"I will get a job" "My luck helped me" "My luck is too bad" We hear some such phrases. Now the question is whether the luck works or not. Here, too, the situation is the same as in destiny. It just depends on whether you believe it or not.

Luck or Destiny

See, These are two different things. Now it depends on the basis on which you view them. If both of these are for you, then both are beneficial for you. But it is difficult to answer because every person has a different point of view. So we can't choose one of them from because both are necessary for better life.

Did you believe in luck or destiny?

Thanks for giving your such a necessary time for reading.

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