Features that read.cash needs!

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Mon, May 30 ,2022

However, @read.cash is a great website. It also works very well. It includes a lot of features from the beginning. But today we will request to add some features which have not been added yet. This list of features will be based on both writing and reading issues. These issues are bothering everyone.

Writer issues

First of all, we will highlight the difficulties that writers face. It is very important that these features are present in read.cash and every writer will enjoy these features as well..

  • 1) Schedule mode

Schedule mode is very important and it can save a lot of time. We can do everything in the rest of our time by putting any article in this mode. That way we will be at work all the time. I have been on this site for 6 days now and I like this feature very much needed. Therefore, I request from all my respectable writers to add this feature as soon as possible.

  • 2) Integrated photo editor

The second request is to have an integrated photo editor. This will make it much easier for writers to edit photos. This is how read.cash team collaborate with unsplash to give us free copyright access to such amazing photos. We would be very grateful if you could add a photo editor.

Reader issues

Readers face a lot of problems which we will summarize today and I personally make a humble request to read.cash so that they can implement these features.

  • 1) Add to favorites option

We read a lot of articles a day. There are some that are longer. Due to time, we couldn't read them on time. This makes it difficult to find them again. That is why we request that an option be provided to mark favorite articles. And then we can easily find them.

  • 2) Inbox mode to message

It is very much needed. Some people find it difficult to read an article that the writer wrote, but it is difficult to ask for such information in the comments. So there is a great need for inbox mode in such a place and this could be the solution.

  • 3) Articles Download option from reader's side

We know that reading cash has given writers the option to download their articles. But this facility has not been provided for the readers yet, because it is very difficult for the readers to download the articles. It would be great if read.cash could add this feature.

I hope you all agree with me. And I request my dear read.cash to put these features on as soon as possible..

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A bunch of happiness from me to all of you.

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