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I'm very interested in imagining things places etc. I think beyond reality. I love to imagine things that don't exist in reality.I believe in imagination more than reality. This hobby has been with me since childhood. Today I will tell you about the city I imagined. So shall we start

Today I am going to tell you the story of a world apart from the stars. That was a week ago today. When I came home, I was very tired. So I fell asleep at the same time. That's when I fell asleep. I see a dream, a dream that is so different from reality and just like a imagination.

In my dream I saw a city shining like a star. And I'm sitting far away from him. There is a lot of sounds (The sound of swaying with joy) coming from the city as like there is a celebration. The noise is so loud that not a single sound is understood. As I get closer to the city the sound starts to change quite fast.

There are no guards at the city entrance. It was as if everyone had joined in the celebration. As I move forward, a huge crowd of people is dancing happily. As if their fate had been awakened. People are pointing at me and saying "Today is a very happy day come and join us".

I was shocked to see that King was as happy as the rest of the people and rejoicing like a common man. The king's queen was sitting on the royal seat and it seemed from her face that she was very happy. Everyone's heart was very clear about this king's kingdom and the king's heart was very clear and everyone liked simplicity. No one was fighting with anyone. Everyone was enjoying the party in a very good way. People looked at the king with the senses of God. The whole day passed dancing and singing like this.

Then there will be night from evening. There was another great celebration at night. Everyone started preparing for it before evening. In the same way, all the people will participate in the king's party again at night.

The king's house was full of happiness after a long time, so the king was celebrating a lot. I watched this whole program and after that a lot of questions were arising in my mind.

1) Why don't we have such people and kings?

  • Well, It is a very difficult and impossible task to bring imagination world into reality. I told you in the beginning that this was my dream, not a reality. It is possible that such a city has never been built. Such people were never born. Besides, such a king would never have become the king of any empire.

2) We cannot make ourselves like them?

  • The answer is both yes or no. Some people don't believe in the imaginary world and some people believe it is just a matter of their ideology. If he believes in the imaginary world, he can change himself. And if he doesn't believe, he can never change itself.

I really like that world. Everything was very pure. Then i woke up and again came into the real world or reality.

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Thanks for reading sweet peoples.

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