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Continue to go after your dream, any place you find yourself

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4 months ago
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__"The initial move toward resilience is regard, and the initial move toward regard is information."

Half a month prior a dear companion of mine, Sarah Ladipo Manyika, messaged to request that I partake as an unexpected visitor in the last meeting of her 10-section "Discussions Across the Diaspora" series. I've been so occupied on COVID matters I've done barely anything else for the past 12+ months yet I set aside a few minutes, and what an awesome discussion it ended up being!

To be enlivened require an hour and pay attention to Sarah's meeting with Harvard Professor Henry Louis "Skip" Gates, Jr, at this internet based occasion facilitated by the "Exhibition hall of the African Diaspora" in San Francisco. Shock visitors were Wole Soyinka, Charlayne Hunter-Gault, Margaret Busby and me, we all who observed discreetly in the crowd till Sarah turned on our camcorders close to the end.

I realized it would fascinating, however Wow! For those of you who don't have a clue, Prof Gates is an honor winning African American movie producer, creator and extremely innovative scholarly assuming I can put it like that, yet that is not all. Kindly help yourself out and find him.

The Museum of the African Diaspora that facilitated the occasion [and where Sarah was once on the board] is a contemporary workmanship exhibition hall praising the social legacy, gifts, customs and authentic excursions of our dark African siblings and sisters residing across the world. You can track down this stunning meeting and the remainder of the Conversations Across the Diaspora series on Sasai.

I likewise got another email a couple of days prior from my companions at Stanford University Graduate Business School [also close to San Francisco and Silicon Valley in California] who wrote to let me know they chose to keep the SEED application process open till 20 April… only for you on this stage! That is the thing that they said!

So if you, or an enterprising African author/CEO you know, is able to participate in this extended internet based a-list program to help set up business people and their organizations develop, enhance and scale… here's a connection:

Presently I know it's been truly intense for a large number of you as of late, and regardless of whether your organization has a sufficiently high ARR to apply to this mentorship and counseling program, your income might be excessively close. Or on the other hand you might be battling even to keep your entryways open. Perceived. Simply stay cheerful and continue to look for alternate approaches to ability up both you and your group. "When there's a will, there's a way"...

As the vast majority of you know, I left Zimbabwe on 22 March 2000. At that point, I told my staff: "We will fabricate a worldwide business. I don't have a clue what amount of time it will require. The Lord has put it on my heart to do it."

I let them know then, at that point, to be important for it, I needed them to return to school and expertise up in light of the fact that very much like now, 20 years prior occasions and tech were evolving quick.

One young fellow asked me: "I have a degree. How would it be a good idea for me to respond?"

"Do a MBA. It's an integral asset."

That person, alongside a few others, took me up on my test. I was later ready to recruit him and others to join the new [but separate] worldwide association that I began when I moved into the African diaspora myself. He currently drives one of our top organizations, and is elite.

__It is never beyond any good time to get a few extra scholastics and specific preparing added to your repertoire!

Regardless of whether you've never completed matric, that is alright... You are here concentrating on today. Also I have had my group assembled superb Sasai Podcast series only for you, to be. There are likewise instructive and engaging projects on Sasai Watch like this Conversation, and more to come.

Continue to go after your fantasies whatever life tosses at you, and keep on gaining from the excursions and encounters of others all over. There's a well-known axiom: "You can encourage someone to go in a certain direction, but that person must ultimately decide for himself to water, however you can't make him drink".

Do you get what I'm talking about?

We should talk.


Picture credit: Thanks to @davidwhelanphotography

Going after awesome?! Mana Pools National Park, Zimbabwe

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Written by   18
4 months ago
Topics: Lesson, People, Strategy, Advice, Article, ...
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that has been my watchword, going after what i believe in no matter what it is, people only attached themselves to those who are successful afterall good to see you are going higher on the platform dear

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4 months ago

No matter where we find ourselves should not be an excuse to change our focus and dreams. The should be continuity. Anyways , thank you @kennieking, hope you had a great holiday?

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4 months ago