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There was this old barn looking house at the end of the road.

When you pass by this place in the late wee hours, you can hear a woman's voice, whimpering.

Stories were spread around the community that at one time there was a woman locked up inside.

No body was found but the community has never seen that woman again.

Rumor has it, that her body must still be inside the house.

Nobody has dared approached to enter the place.

The city owns the house because the previous owners couldn't keep up their payments.

Weird sounds surrounds the place, when you walk by, a cold chill is what you feel down your back.

Rumor has it that sometimes the windows open and close.

It's a scary place to be at, especially in the early morning.

These are things that katy has heard from neighbors in the area that has been around for a long time.

She decided to do an investigation on this house and the property.

Katy decided to dig up some information from the internet.

She went to the library and brought along her friend Sara.

They found out a lot of interesting facts.

No body was ever seen leaving, but sometimes you could see a woman's face in the basement window.

Many people have seen the images.

Katy made a call to the city to ask for their permission to lend her a key so she can go inside and look around.

They were worried at first because nobody has been inside there in years.

After she told them it was a project for school, they were okay with the idea but she could not go inside alone.

She told them her friend will be going with her.

They were not thrilled but let them anyways.

The next day Sara and katy met at the front entrance.

They brought along a first aid kit and a flashlight.

Katy went in first to make sure it was safe for sara.

They checked upstairs first since it was easier.

The place had a very strong odor, the girls had a hard time breathing it in.

They found lots of old clothes and a map of the place.

Someone else must of entered this place to

In the closet was markings on the walls.

It said " please help me!!"

The markings looked pretty fresh.

Sara and katy took some pictures of the walls and the old clothes.

They were amazed at what they saw.

They just wanted to keep looking around.

So down the stairs they went and into the basement they flew.

There was nobody there but the energy in the basement was so strong, it felt as if someone had pushed them.

All of a sudden a wave of wind flushed near their faces and a very cold chill went down their backs.

They took off the floor boards under the mat in the basement.

And saw images of what looked to be pieces of human bones.

They collected some of the bones to bring to school.

When they opened the basement window a flush of cold air flew out.

They kept looking and saw an image of a woman.

She turned towards the window and waved back towards them.

She was saying " thank you" because her spirit was stuck inside.

She needed someone to help her go into the light.

Finally, the truth was out, a woman was killed inside the house.

The man who brutally raped and killed her left her remains under a floor board.

Her spirit was locked inside and she needed to make that escape.

Every day she would stare out of the basement window hoping someone would find her remains and let out her spirit to soar into the light.

When it had finally happened, she was estatic and finally felt free to soar and katy got the best mark in her class.

The Mystery was finally solved and The escape was made.

Katy never forgot about what happened and still today it plays in her head.

She may have the best mark, but it comes along with anxiety and pain of reliving that night in her head.

Every now and then she will pass that street and feel a chill down her back.

Countless times she feels as if the spirit is watching her.

She is happy that the mystery was solved and the woman's spirit can soar the skies.

But would she do this again?

Yes, if it meant getting the answers from an unsolved case and setting the spirit free.

Katy was always a problem solver and that will never change.

She is strong and vibrant, just like her grandfather.

Someday she intends on taking her studies further and becoming a private investigator.

Katy.k investigations at your service...

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3 years ago