Silver and Gold as Money

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Silver is a precious metal that is under appreciated by the mainstream investor or media . Most people are not aware of the role silver has previously had in our money and the role it has in the electronics all around us .

Silver is the most conductive metal on the planet. This metal is used in widely in renewable energy . The industrial demand comes from the production of EV (Electric Vehicle) batteries , solar panels , medical supplies , cellphones, and more .

Silver has a wide interest with bullion investors as well . Historically silver is the people’s money of choice and that appears to becoming more and more true every year. In 2015, some 28% of the world’s entire yearly supply of silver was used for investment .999 silver bullion coin and bullion bar fabrication.

As we can see in the chart above , Physical demand has risen , many people see the same reckless behavior being committed by the Federal Reserve and the United States Government . Rumors of bank grabs or frozen assets due to bank default has caused many people to take banking into their own hands. As many know with Bitcoin Cash and Crypto , Decentralized Money is the only ethical money .

Gold has always been seen as a metal of wealth and is highly sought after. Unlike Silver, Gold does not have as much industrial demand as silver. Gold is mostly used for Investment , Jewelry and reserve assets for nations .

Precious metals are traded with price set at "spot" .

"The spot price for silver is mainly derived from exchanges centered in London, Zurich, New York, Chicago, China, and Hong Kong. The spot price fluctuations of silver today are mostly determined by the COMEX."

The Comex has a long history of bad actors who use their market power to manipulate the price.

Many examples and more information can be found on Reddit @ r/Wallstreetsilver

Currently accept BCH (Bitcoin Cash) via bitpay . The purchase works directly with the wallet.


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This is a mind-awakening article you have shared here, my friend. I only knew Gold as Jewelry and Silver for industrial uses. I'm not that fully informed about the hoops and nooks of the Silver and Gold in the World Economy. Thank you for sharing this information with us.

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