Entering The BCH "community"

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3 years ago

Hello Everyone,

BCH is dead .

People do not care about the child that was risen .

As I have mentioned , BCH is like crying kids in a supermarket currently, It is actually worse. Its internet trolls that are keeping something that is meant to be for the world stuck behind a screen.

What side does that make me? It's the side of growth and focus. Regardless of development announcement and community demand , you cannot ever remove the freedom from the action .

Bitcoin Cash carries a baton of freedom for the all consumers and merchants GLOBALLY. If we do not not accept the mission in its entirety we are surely to fail ; meaning AS OUR MISSION , WE CANNOT LET THE PEOPLE DOWN.

*************************DRAMA RANT OVER ***********************

For everyone who has made it past the elephant in the room .... please indulge me .

Bitcoin Cash has a specific mission to unlock financial prosperity and flexibility to any person who exchanges on earth . As we see with the Tx counts , people are not using the ecosystem , most may not even know it exists. Bitcoin Cash must be explained and introduced to all users of crypto and all users of fiat. If this is truly the GOAL , we have been lead astray with development *NOISE* . We have a product that is already groundbreaking and unlike any other token out there. The equities Bitcoin Cash is able to provide for self ownership and global business will onboard millions on this alone.
I have witnessed the life get sucked out of the space due to ongoing slandering and drama. This is not professional nor conducive to the goal of global adoption and top tier products .
The outcome of November will have no affect on product offering to potential users or merchants. We will effectively have two identical end user cryptocurrencies fighting for the name of itself.
My whole point in writing all this is to give people hope. To not give up on the space or the projects ongoing. Instead we should increase our efforts, double down on development, increase adoption and promote education .

I propose this Saturday , September 12th, we break the BCH transaction record. There is no real gain , but there will be a statement made to all other chains that have been mocking the promoters through our division .

680k transactions was the highest I could find in a single day.



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3 years ago