Diversify Crypto Holdings

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3 years ago

Hello team,

I currently have some ongoing endeavors I am tinkering with. I am on the mindset that I should obtain as many forms of cryptocurrency that is currently available.

I am a BCH user and have researched other tokens and coins based on technology and purpose. I also take a look at max output of the currency.

I am highly intrigued by the "baking" and "staking" coins. Tezos is currently exchanged on coinbase.com. I have holdings that are staking for a 5 percent award .

I have attempted to use the brave browser to obtain BAT for some reason I have not been given the opportunity to watch an ad. It is nice not getting targeted regardless.

My 2020 portfolio is going to be a risky one . Based on crypto and Cannabis stocks there is big opportunity for growth .

If I get feedback on any of my articles , I will continue to post content. I will always try to give input on important issues


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Good article.

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3 years ago