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2 years ago

Bitcoin Cash has huge potential in the US . We are still early on adoption and name brand recognition.

With this there is an opportunity to set the narrative for what Bitcoin is.

Most btc maximalist do not know what bitcoin is / was meant to be. We have a huge responsibility to educate and include new users and current users of crypto.

The USD has already been driven to the brink with the monetary policy of 2020 (and decades before)

Bitcoin Cash adoption is a gift for humanity.

Americans deserve to have sound money as should the rest of the world.

The technology is here. We just have to let them know it exists. Lockdowns and corona impacts will end soon now that a new president is in office. Once things have returned to normal, Adoption efforts will increase magnificently .

Bitcoin technology holds our current system accountable. It is morally irresponsible and unjust to handle people's fruits of labor so destructively and corruptly.

The opportunity with Bitcoin Cash is to EMPOWER individuals. Bitcoin Cash is building a closed loop ecosystem for people to interchange without coercion and deceit.

This civil disobedience to the system is the best form of protest to the slavery of our money.

Pick up your sats and stay strong in the mission. Freedom from an unjust structure that we have no option of exclusion .

Encourage your peers, Encourage Merchants to Accept BCH , Promote Innovation


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