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13 golden rules to guide us through life.

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5 months ago

1. *Respect 3 People.*

Teachers. Parents. Elderly

2. *Keep 3 things in you.*

Honesty. Faith. Good Deeds

3. *Be Free from 3 things.*

Arrogance. Cheating. Debts

4. *Control 3 things.*

Tongue. Anger. Appetite

5. *Reject 3 things.*

Bad deeds. Backbiting. Jealousy

6. *Obtain 3 things.*

Knowledge. Understanding. Wisdom

7. *Build on 3 things.*

Good counsel. Good Manners. Godliness with contentment

8. *Keep 3 things pure.*

Body. Clothes. Thoughts

9. *Remember 3 things.*

Death. Hell. Heaven

10. *Protect 3 things.*

Family. Future. Friends

11. *Work on 3 things.*

Vision. Trust. Faith

12. *Run away from 3 things.*

Sin. Pride. Bad Association

13. *Love 3 People.*

God. Yourself. Others

May GOD protect us, our families and have mercy on us

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Very nice piece of advices. I believe if all human stick to some of these golden rules we could see very good change in the world

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5 months ago

Thanks alot

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5 months ago