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Defining your purpose

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1 year ago

How do you define your purpose?

You figure out what best works for you

THAT THING which you derive joy and happiness in doing, that which always work out for you notwithstanding the circumstances. That is your purpose, that is what you are meant to do and you need to do it well! You need to put in more passion!

For instance, if you are learning something or trying to get answers, the only way you can discover the true answers which leads to you discovering how much you had in you; is by figuring out the best way you can do that thing; in your own way, how you can make it work in your own way, and behold! There's no magic other than that! You just discovered yourself! That's who you are! That's your purpose!

Take a look at the body as a case study, you can shape it to whatever thing you want it to be because you understand your body more than anyone else because it's your body, its you and no one else

Discover yourself

Find out what best works for you

Find out how to get your answers in your own most comfortable way

That's the uniqueness

Define yourself

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