Finding Beauty in your Daily life

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Finding beauty in what you see everyday can be somewhat of a challenge. It is not easy to suddenly see beauty in the very streets you walk time without number. It takes a keen eye and an acute sense of placement. My point is, you need to relax your mind and see these things.

It took a while before I actually took my own advise. The road I take on my way to class, hurrying because I'm usually late 90 percent of the time. It's hard to actually walk those same paths and then realize the way the grass bends in a peculiar fashion or how the sun falls on certain areas, casting a glorious shade of gold over all the things it touches.

Today, I took a walk to appreciate everything around me. It isn't something I do a lot but I take time to do this from time to time.

Amidst trying to meet deadlines and appointments, some alone time is all but unnecessary. You need the time to do this. If you notice that you've been having a writer's block, a quick change of scenery can most undoubtedly do you good.

The first shot I'll be showing was a sunset I did not expect that actually did a lot to make my day better. I'll be posting an article which I started to write yesterday when I saw this beautiful sight. I couldn't help but just capture that moment in time. Also, in the next article, you will see why I needed the walk and how much better the sight I saw did to make me feel better.

Image Captured By Me.

It was there all the while and it took one turn back for me to just stop and almost yell wow. After I'd taken the shot, I still took a long while to admire the scenery.

I'd just left my supervisor's and as usual, he was the most delightful creature to be with. The sunset is something out of a Texas movie because that's where you get the most beautiful sunsets falling over the horizon in such beautiful seams. Well, this time it happened in my school, Akungba.

Okay, I have to admit, I am addicted to taking pictures with my phone. All I have to do is see something worth taking a photo of and leave it to me. This shot was taken from a bike. I was on a bike and I knew if we took a few corners more, I would not have the luxury of capturing that specific sight I saw. I think people must have stared at me like I was crazy but I didn't care. I made sure I got the shot I wanted. The clouds looked very full and beautiful and I felt it would be a crime to not capture such a moment.

It's hard to see these things and not take out my phone and snap a picture or four. I was also on a bike when I saw this and one more second, the shot would have gone for good. I quickly brought out my phone and took the shot. My camera album is filled with shots that could have escaped me but I said not going to happen.

You can call it an obsession or a hobby but I see it as a way of documenting the things I see. Kind of like taking a piece of time and making it mine. I make memories whenever I take a very wild shot or something that looks extraordinary but is well hidden in the ordinary. This was an evening that didn't look like it was going to be much but turned out to offer me some beautiful views.

Also, a moonlit night that I could not just ignore.

Whether it's by taking pictures or making a memoir. Endeavor to capture the beauty around you. I promise you, its there. You just need to look harder. Beauty is all around us. You just need to decide how you want to appreciate it or record it if you will.

Life offers us good and bad. As usually said, it also offers lemons which are not so sweet at first.It would do you well to make something out of them and recognize the beauty around you.

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