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Tuesday In The City

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1 month ago

May 11, 2022 | Late Upload 😔

Last Monday, we got told by our parents if we want to go with them to go to the city. And I never even got the chance to go back to where I actually born from the last 5-6 years or when I was Grade 4.

And since we want fun after a week of homeworks, we decided to go with them.

And its set. Going to the City.

Note: Only few pictures are taken because I didn't prepare my phone to be charged. I asked my sister to send me the pictures she took. And the time mentioned here are not really *that* accurate.

We actually have to go at Talisay City, to repair some car parts my father worked with for their workshop's customer. And to be more fun aside from that, we can go to many places Father and us where to go.

But at the day, mother told me that she will go to the cellshop with me to repair my phone, and as I heard it, I immediately agree because its been a long time since this phone is semi-damaged.

They told us to sleep early so that we can woke up at 4am, but typical children of this family, we slept at 9pm.

We woke up before 4am, but still drowsy. Didn't got a shower or at least wash my face. And probably my dumbness thing happened to me before going on a trip, is to not be able to charge the phone before we left... And since I didn't took the time to charge my phone, I decided to charge it 3 minutes before going...

And now we're good to go I guess...

Phone's battery: 40%

We stopped at my father's friend to rent their car for the day, and since luckily to save time, the friend of his wanted to come as well (discussed 2 days before trip) to have a licence from BIR (I guess?).

Time is no 4:10. We started the trip with the rented car and on the road we go!

Since its still early, I took some quick nap, but why I can't sleep well when I'm literally in front of the car? I feel comfortable when I'm not sleeping, but I feel the opposite when I want to sleep...

Since its a 4x4 car with only 2 front seats and little space at the back, I just have to endure the pain to sleep, but I care less when I got fully napped at 1 hour.

Woke up at 5am, and we're at Moalboal. Pretty quiet when early. And got some game plans.

Since I only have 40% phone battery, I have to keep it shut downed till I need it. I don't have any important calls or texts at all, so I don't mind turning it off. Exceptions are, photos, but you'll know what happens next later on.

Next is to buy good snacks lol 'cuz why not?

And that's it, also I come with them just to compare the life in the city to the life in town. Which will be in a seperate article.

We drove 30+ kilometer in 1/2 hour, passed 3 municipalities, and nothing special happened.

At at 6am(?), we are in Carcar. Pretty busy, and traffic can't be denied...

And at 7am, we are finally in the city (If I'm not mistaken if Minglanilla is not a part of the province).

Boy, unlike in the town, cars are way too loud, but I love how no smoke or emissions coming out from the vehicles.

And we arrived at the workshop/welding shop for car parts (especially those big parts) at like 8:30am. (The shop is somehow near the Starmall, I think its still Minglanilla)

We waited for at least an hour to get the info of what car parts do we need for the parts father brought.

And boy, the heat is getting hotter...

Then we took another ride for at least 5-15 minutes to find the car parts shop.

And it took another hour

While waiting for the parts, the heat brings up my head to go hurt. Like I didn't even feel this heat before.

After that, we still have to buy few more parts 'cuz the shop didn't have any of the missing parts. So we took yet another ride.

But this one took until 11am! Due to because we need to go further North to get to Talisay City.

And boy, I can't withstand this heat anymore. I need cold water or air at least to keep myself cool, and the others.

We waited for my parents to buy the parts. And they bought it after an hour. Gosh, what productive beings. (not to be rude)

But we still have a balance. The money allocated for my father to use for spare parts are not enough, so we called his brother (the workshop owner in the Province, who asked father to get the parts done) to send extra cash. And before that, we took lunch.

There's a calendaria next to the area we parked. So we took our lunch there.

To be extra careful with our money whilst we were at the city, mother brings some cooked leftover rice and some lunch boxes. We bought the side dishes only, nice thinking Ma.

After we received the money, we have to wait till the spare parts store to be opened after their break.

A Look-Around Experience with Mama

While waiting, mom wants to shop at the nearest mall for snacks and necessities. I did expect that my mama will take me to the cellshop to repair my phone, so I come with her.

We took shopping time to our fullest. We bought what we need and what we want, and unexpectedly, mom has to go to the bathroom, so she bought wipes to use.

I waited for like an hour for mom to be finished. But no rush anyways.

I used my phone temporarily, but didn't expect that it will take alot of battery. I used it like 10 minutes, before 30% and now I got 10% with me, what a bummer.

After mom is finished, we took a walk to find a cellshop nearby, and luckily, we found one. Just few walks away to get there.

After we got there, we talked to the owner of the shop and he immediately took some actions to reduce our waiting time. Luckily instead of waiting for the screen to come from shipping, they have a stock spare part to use with.

It took less than 30 minutes for me and not like the technician said that it will took longer than 30 minutes, but we can't just leave the city and come back 3 days later, like it's so far and long to get to the city.

After it was repaired, I feel relieved that nothing goes wrong and my phone is repaired after 1 year of not able to get to the shop for a repair.

We payed 1.5k pesos ($30 average) with my mom's cash. And she didn't even asked for me to show my money to pay too, what a lovely mom.

Continue Waiting

We came back to the car and we drove away to the workshop for 15 minutes or so.

Seeing huge buildings makes me think, people's knowledge got better over time, like how beautiful all of those infrastructures.

After we arrived, we took the rest of our time till 5:15pm.

We ate our snacks out of boredom.

And after the broken parts are finished, it's time to go back home.

We drove to a shopping centre to give my sisters some souvenirs because, we won't come back again again till next time.

My older sister bought a Louis Vuitton case for her phone, my 3rd sibling bought a Hello Kitty case for her phone as well, and my youngest sibling bought a spray bottle to use as a container for some rubbing alcohol whenever she goes to the school.

And after that, we drove back home.

It took another 4 hours to get back to town. And just like always, sleeping at the front of the car, uncomfortable and finding a good spot for my head to rest. And seriously, my sisters are observing me trying to sleep 😂.

We arrived at home at 8pm, and ate our dinner with some sardines because most of the calendarias are now closed.


Sorry for the late upload, got huge amount of homeworks at the end 😂 😂 😂.

It's been a good time to revisit the city after leaving it for 6 years.

And it never ceases to amaze me to how much it improved. From huge and long bridges to high buildings. And it's really amazing. But the heat makes me dizzy, and can't stay up in the day for long enough.

Anyways, 2 days from now, I'll post a continuation to this article related to my opinions in living in the city and in the province.

Goodbye, readers! Rush article 😂


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Written by   34
1 month ago
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In our old days time we use to sleep early and also wake up early but children of now days are not cooperating with their parents again.

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