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Summer Almosts Ends, Another School Year Starts

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3 months ago

As a student, I really wanted to finish my education and take my dream job to help my family. Some people found that going to school is a pain, I also feel that, but we study for our dreams right? We need education to learn things we didn't know and what we want to know. We love school due to the fact that we can make friends in there, you can't deny that, I made friends at school.

What some students hate is that, could be confusing or hard. It would be hard if there's no teachers to teach us.

The New Teaching Delivery Style

Students go to school every day, every school year that consists of 9-10 months. Studying to learn while listening to the teacher. We were still practicing for our Ibong Adarna stage performance, always having fun.

But when the pandemic came, the education paused. From what I remember, the pandemic started at March 14, 2020, and the school year didn't end. Upon reporting the first COVID-19 case in Dumaguete, the school year was instantly paused. Afterwards, no more school, no more walks, and silence all around.

Me and my sister were actually expecting to have a free vacation years, but without going outside of course. This is what most, or all students want, a long vacation days.

But on June I think, DepEd announced that the school year 2020-2021 will be started on August, but it will be not face-to-face, instead it will be modular and online learning. A new style of learning experience.

We didn't know what is modular learning, but after we heard that a module is more like a book, but short in pages and focus on one lesson. That, makes me feel that I don't wanted to enroll. I don't like reading books, to be honest.

But it is what it is.

How's The Experience?

To be honest, this kind of alternative learning style didn't really help sometimes, and sometimes, I found that the lesson is hard without someone explaining it.

Some students like me, didn't read the lesson sometimes. Just focus on the questions or tasks given by the teachers without reading the lesson.

Taking notes? Yes, on a different style. I only take pictures, not writing it. I kinda lazy writing notes. But it's convenient for someone who gives notes in a instant.

Sometimes, I ask my classmates online for solutions and answers, and they ask me too. I also ask my teachers for some clarifications.

I found that modules could be that expensive. The papers, the inks, everything that makes 1 module. Thankfully, to save the budget of the department, they print and give it to the students, then after they've finished, they give the modules to the other school, but torned or damaged modules have to be reprinted to replace.

To add up the stress, if your parents didn't know about the lessons and your other siblings don't want to help, then it will be hard for you to learn.

Some places in Philippines with fast internet have online class, but our school did found it not helpful, as some students don't have Internet access, so they stick to modular learning instead.

I Expect Modules Still In September 13th.

I really wish that High Schools will have face-to-face classes, but I expect modules still in the next school year.

I think because of infection rate here in Cebu, un-vaccinated students, and President's orders.

Well, I guess students will have to wrap everything up in September. There will be a sale in malls for school supplies 😂. I really wish that this vacation still continues, but not really long. The time passed so fast that you will feel that every blink of an eye, 3 days passed.

Well, that's it for now. I had some articles ideas in mind, but I'm not sure where to start.

And yes, it's -Ber months, Christmas is near. And 2022 is waving.

Thanks for reading!

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Written by   6
3 months ago
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