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Papa, Happy Fathers Day!

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5 months ago

Every 3rd Sunday of June every year, we celebrate a person, who worked hard and loved us always. Every sweat of his, counts, just so he could feed his family and support his children.

No person in this world did the most to help the family, and that is, our Father.

We refer to them as Dad, Daddy, Papa, and many names. But only two things that we don't want to forget, but the sacrifices and love he gave to his family.

He doesn't want his children to work for the family at a young age, he wants to give them a better life.

And that's what I like about my father.

My Father

I called my father "Papa", I love him. We are the males of the family. He's the one who works for the family with God in his life.

He's not only a tourist driver and only drives for a living, he does a lot of things, like being a mechanic, a repairman, and a Pastor of the church.

He didn't care what work he has to do, he just wants to help. He always does.

His life was inspiring to me. He studied till high school, but he stopped his education for the sake of his siblings' dreams. He helps his Pa always. Despite the fact, that he sacrificed his hard work, that didn't go like a waste of time.

I was sad about this, and he desires to become an electrical engineer. But instead, he stopped for his siblings to continue, and he didn't care. He knows a lot of things like driving, that's his living.

But even with the pandemic, he didn't stop looking for a way for the family not to starve.

With God, everything is fine. Father works as a mechanic and a pastor. He wants us, his children, to accomplish what we started.

From feeding us to supporting us, he didn't lack anything.

I want to repay him with love and respect. I'll do my best to achieve my goal in life, to help my papa in the future. I want to repay him and help him get to college, to make him accomplish what he made before.

All the things he has done are done due to his hard work. And I will repay with all the care he wants.

For All Fathers and Children

You are the one who makes the family whole. And I must say, you guys made a good job of taking care of your family.

I pray for your wellness and your family. You guys are the best! Your fathers gave their best to support your family.

For children, respect and take care of your father. He needs your love and always knows that they did everything they can for your good.

Happy Father Day


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Article: Papa, Happy Fathers Day
Author: Stanley_Clark1
Date of Publish: June 19, 2022

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Written by   48
5 months ago
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