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How I Met Random Friends In A Platform? - How I #2

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2 months ago
May 3, 2022 | Random Article

The Internet. Full of good and bad. You can meet your friends, or meet new people.

It's been 3 years since pandemic came. And using the internet is the new way to meet.

But, even with friends, you still want someone that you can talk to?

I'm not talking to Messenger, Facebook, or Neargroup. That's where I talk to my family and friend I met in-person.

I'm referring to a place, where you can meet people, who has the same interests as you have. You can call them, or talk in a server. I'm referring to, Discord.

But wait, that's an app where gamers meet together. Yep it is.

But, they're completely random people. Stranger that is. Well there's rules in both the platform and the server you in.

Is it safe? Yep it is, as long as you are careful whenever you're online.

Question: How in the world I met friends there?


What is Discord?

Discord is an app for instant messaging, calls, and even joining multiple servers (up to 100 for non-Nitro users, 200 for? Nitro users) and the communities are all about gaming, friends, and many more.

Other people think Discord is for gamers, but not. There's even a lot of communities in Discord has non-gamers. They're just there to chat along.

It's available for Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, and Linux, even website for those who can't download Discord.

Continue to the topic, I joined 20+ servers, and it's all about Roblox community, Arcaea, etc.

I talk to random people, and we became close to each other, but with limits of ours.

We set our limits mostly to not reveal faces, location (highly prohibited), and such.

But we share the same interest, so we most likely to understand.

Even though people in Discord are all in Europe, USA, and other countries, we still chat whenever we get the time we are free.

I Made Friends I Didn't Met IRL

We share the same interest in one server. And because of that, we became to call each other, friends!

We began to share our thoughts, share what's going on in our place, even call a lot.

We also help with our homeworks or our knowledge of something like Math.

We play with others in a game, have fun and do most of our time before we have to go offline.

If we feel something bad, we could share it to them, and they'll help me by giving advices. And same treatment for them too.

There's so many things I love with the online community, and I'm a person who likes to go online more often, makes it even more fun for me.

There's like 1k+ members in the server I'm in, and made a couple of friends. Some are even in the Philippines, makes it even more convenient to talk in Tagalog.

Speaking of languages, I even share some nice Cebuano and Tagalog words that they can say all the time, without offending someone who is a Filipino to be precise.

How Does This Help Me During This Pandemic?

First and foremost, it really help me connect with others with the use of Internet. It help me also to talk to people about stuffs.

Secondly, it helps me to also learn more about the life of theirs, without breaking in to their privacy of course.

Thirdly, it somehow improve my English vocabulary. There this one member of the server I'm in where he corrects our grammar so much! I like him, but annoying when it's too much to handle lol.

Fourth, whenever I don't have any friends I know, then the people I met in Discord is my 2nd choice. And it's really fun to talk with them.

There just some things I have to avoid, never talk about personal info, be weird, and never go too far from one topic.

Internet could trick me anytime, that's why I have to stay sharp whenever I'm on the online world. Even though the people I talk to is nice, it could be misleading if that person is trying to evade my personal status.

But whenever they earned my trust and I trust them, then that's where I'm considering that is my online friends.

Author's note: I might go to post 1 article per 2 days, because I have to think of ideas more, and I start to also become busy with school (modular learning), but still I'll keep my status on. But if there's anything I can share immediately, then I will.

Also, stay safe, in real world, or in online world.

Have a good one, fam!


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Written by   34
2 months ago
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It's a good idea to pushed yourself in a platform, it's help someone your vocabulary and it also expand your brain.

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2 months ago

Yeah. To be honest, I love chatting more because, like you said now, expand my vocabulary, and it also helps me more socially connected.

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2 months ago

I use Discord, Telegram, WhatsApp, Instagram, SnapChat, Messenger, Signal, Texting, and a few others to chat with people all over the world! I CANT GET ENOUGH internet friends! THank you for sharing your story!

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2 months ago

You're welcome. It's my pleasure to share my story.

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2 months ago