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Dear readers,

Being alone was my semi-loved thing to do when I need peace and quiet environment. But I want to still let everyone near me, just without noise from them.

It's so relaxing for me to be in "peace mode", no distractions, no noise, just me and what I do. But I think I should not really do this mindset too much.

This article might be nonsense to read.

February 25, 2022

9am. While doing my modules, everyone is doing some of their works, older sister is answering modules, mother is sleeping, 3rd sibling playing with her phone and youngest just playing with the neighbours.

It was also the time us to go at our church member's house to repair their house with other members, too. And the time my older sister is prepared for a pictorial for her upcoming 18th birthday, which is her debut birthday.

Everyone is at the house, ready to go. Mom and Dad, ask me if I want to come with them.

After that question, my mind wants to stop the time and think.

I'm doing my modules, and I still have to answer 7 modules, which has to be passed on March 1, while I have to do some cleaning.

In this situation, I can choose 1 of these two choices, "I want" and "I don't".

If I want to go with them, I can help them with the works, and help my sister with her pictorial, but I'll have a delay doing my modules.

If I don't, I can still continue answering my modules, and do some chores, in silent, as everyone is not at the house. I can have a peaceful environment around me (exclude the heavy equipments used on the nearest site).

So I choose, "I don't". Since I have 2-3 days left to do my modules, I can't waste such time. Of course I can do my modules after I got arrived, but staying at home to answer is a good choice.

After saying to the I don't wanna go, they let me stay here. Good! No more noise.

At 9:46am, they are now gone. My mother told me to just buy some food at the candelaria/canteen using my money, or open a sardines can from the shelf when it's time for lunch.

Now, everything turns silent.

No more noise.

No more annoyance.

Just me and my modules, and the environment.

I'm relieved that I could get peace of mind. This is good for me to study well.

But, since I'm a boy who loves joy and tried to avoid boredom, I can't think of more to do.

After they left, I continue doing my modules. Gosh, I can answer all of this without delay! I can search with my phone without my sibling asking to share my small data to them without any important reasons.

With this peaceful day, I answered 2 in the morning! What a achievement! Because I basically do 1 in the morning and 1 in the afternoon, making it 2 modules per day.

Using the money I had left, I want to buy some siomai because, why not? I had siomai for lunch when I was in elementary so, why not try it again.

But out of luck, because the family who is the owner of the store didn't sell anything because yesterday, they have a burial to their family member, so that's why they didn't sell.

But, my mind thinks of another way to make my lunch be more "bring-back-childhood" theme, and think like a kid for my lunch, I bought a Milo choco milk drink.

But I'm not going to combine it with hot water to drink, I wanted to use the choco drink to be coated for my rice, just like mixing sugar and rice I did when I'm hungry, and some leftover rice is still at the kitchen.

And to satisfy myself, I opened a can of sardines. Can't deny the classic Filipino plate.

And while eating, I watch some TV shows and watch my favorite childhood cartoon, just to put a check to eat my classic kiddie dish while watching TV, even though there's a table for a reason. What manners do I have anyways?

After eating lunch, I then rest and watch TV for a while before continuing my purpose of staying home.

In the afternoon, I'm really, really got bored while doing my 4th module, and since my hands hurts for all the writing I did, I stop answering and doing some chores.

Cleaning every room, removing cobwebs on the ceiling, washing the small quantity of dishes, and then cleaning the cabinets.

It really pays off to see how clean the house is. Another task, check.

Now what?

This day, I did:

  • Answered my modules (more than 2)

  • Cleaned the house

  • Bring back the childhood lunch

That's all. Now I'm feeling bored.

The neighbourhood is super quiet aside from the heavy equipments. No one ever go out to talk with, or kids playing.

This is, upsetting...

The rest of my hours, I watch some TV, and reviewing my answers to clarify if its all correct. But, I don't seem to have fun.

My phone is semi-broken. Half of the phone's screen is broken and can't be used, while the other is okay and can be controlled, however it has ghost touches over time and really annoys me when I'm doing something, like making this article. Which, is the reason I can't play my with my phone.

The neighbourhood is quiet, and it's 2pm, that's means everyone might be taking a nap, which I can't disturb.

My siblings are not here, which changes the atmosphere around me.

Two words I could say... I'm bored.

Since I don't have any other things to do aside from continuing my studies, I slept for a nap.

2 hours later, and I hear, loud noises from the other house. That should be my cousins doing something.

I woke up and cleaned up the bed, then go outside to check them out.

And I see, my cousins wearing outdoor clothes?

Maybe, they just got arrived from the mall or something... And it was.

Suprisingly, they let me come to their house to play with their new Scrabble board they bought. Is my boredom gonna go away after this?

But hey, house is boring, so why not?

We played Scrabble with their mom, and I'm always in the 2nd place.

We laugh, we ask each other if the word is acceptable, and having great times!

At 5pm, my family arrived, and it's time to be with them for the night.


Being home alone is no fun when you don't have anything to do. Sometimes, you might also interact with others when you're bored.

Use the time you had in your life, every second, every single minute, for your enjoyment. Bored? Find happiness, interact with your friends. Don't have anything to do? Do what you want to do.

Alone wasn't really an answer, you just have to show up, and find happiness. Peaceful and happy life must be present at all.


And maybe, another day of being alone? I wish not, unless I have important things to do.


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When you get used to being alone you plan your time and do everything faster. And when there is nothing more to do, boredom sets in. I like to be alone. But I also like company. I think there has to be a balance between both situations. I enjoyed reading your thoughts.

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