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Topics: Adolescence

Who is a teenager?

A teenager is anyone who has left childhood and he/she is in adolescence stage. According to WHO (World Health Organization) anyone who is between the age of 10 to 21 is considered an adolescent.

Problems associated with Adolescence age?

At this stage in the life of a teenager, parents need to be extra careful because this is the most difficult time in raising children.

Here are some of the problems associated with Teen Age:

  1. Depression

  2. Bullying

  3. Sexual Activities

  4. Drug Use

  5. Obesity

  6. Peer Pressure.

Problems Explained

  1. Obesity: During adolescence, kids stuff themselves up with junks. They eat without caution and care. They always wanna try new things out and end up getting lazy.

  2. Peer Pressure: This is one of the main problems of adolescence. Here kids wanna be like other kids and do what they do and they end up following the wrong people.

  3. Drug Use: Most of the people that abuse drugs are teenagers. Teenagers take drugs to feel high and unbeatable, sometimes they do this because their friends are doing it (peer pressure) which is a wrong thing to do.

  4. Sexual Activities: During adolescence, it is a normal thing for kinds to experience puberty but sometimes, some kids go the extra mile. They engage in sexual activities which is not meant to be. These children end up being parents at their teens. Sometimes, they end up loosing their lives due to sexually related diseases or unsuccessful abortion processes or during the process of labor. The females are the ones that are the main victims in so many cases / instances.

  5. Depression: Kids at this age pass though experiences that makes them depressed. Some of this experiences are discrimination etc. This leads to mood sway and this leads to depression and low self esteem.

All this can be avoided if the parents do their parts by taking good care of their kids and train them in the right way. They should always be there for them in all they do. Parents should always show concern and care for their kids.

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Topics: Adolescence