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Reasons why we should not Fear

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1 year ago
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Fear, one little word with great negative impact on peoples lives. Over the years people have made use of the word fear and some have been afraid of one thing or the other. This is a very bad state to find ourselves, the state of being frightened or afraid of doing something due to one reason or the other. But this is the mistake people always made. They allow their fears to rule them. Have you ever watch this pretty old movie "IT", that clown fed on the children's fears and the only way they could over come was by putting their fears away and facing the clown boldly. Fear is a torment, that was what sent most of those kids to their untimely graves and not the clown cause those who where bold didn't die. Even in the bible Christ has shown us that there is nothing to fear though His lifestyle. He faced every obstacle the devil kept in His way including death. He has shown us that we would not fear the evil off the enemies cause he would always be there for us. He only told us to fear Him and fearing Him doesn't mean that we should lock ourselves inside a cupboard when we here of Jesus Christ, It means respecting the fact that though He is a merciful God, He is also a consuming fire and He doesn't behold sin so we should abs a in from sin.

Fear is a torment so we should not be afraid of any works of the devil.

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