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2021: Summary of 2020

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2020 has been a though year, a very sad year, where lots and lots of lives where lost to different situations from diseases to killings. To cut long story short, 2020 was one of the worst years we have recorded and no one would say that 2020 was a wonderful year. It first started with the Covid-19 pandemic that claimed a lot of lives and is still claiming lives even till now. It was said that its origin was China and was then "distributed" to other parts of the world. People then made different "rumors" about it. Some said that "it wasn't just a disease but there was more to it and it was all planned by China, so that they can take over the world". Other rumors still came that "the cure for the deadly disease was a special malaria drug and some other herbs", which landed people to their untimely graves due to drug abuse. Later in this horrible year, there was a rise in terrorism in a country in Africa. They called themselves "SARS" and this group of people killed a lot of Protestant who protested against the crimes that where committed by these set of people. So many other things that can not be listed here happened but the fact still remains that you and I being alive is by God's mercy and grace. And as this year is rolling up, we should always be giving thanks to God for His mercy and we should also pray that a year like this never occurs again.

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