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beef mejbani recipe in Bangladesh

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1 year ago

In contrast to the traditional cuisine of Bengal, the taste of hospitality in the cooking of beef has given Chittagong a distinct identity. Its taste is incomparable. Today's recipe highlights this host recipe for readers.

Cooking Ingredients

Ingredients: 2 kg of minced meat (washed in small pieces and rinsed well) 2 cups of onion paste 1 cup of soybean and mustard oil 1/2 cup of ginger paste 4 tbsp ** Raw Chili: 10 hrs (Taste and Taste) Sugar 1 Tbsp Bitter leaves 3/4 Tavajja Potatoes 4/5 hrs (optional)

** Imported Kashmiri dried chilli powder can be used. It is less salty, but the color is beautiful.

Special spices for hosting flavors

Ingredients Ingredients: Cardamom 2-3 cinnamon (1 inch piece) 2 tsp.

All the ingredients should be mixed well with water to make a paste.


1. Put all the ingredients except onion powder, sugar and bay leaves with the meat and keep it for 1 hour. 2. In a pot, fry the onion and bay leaves with oil till light red. 3. After frying, add the butter and meat for a while. 4-5 minutes kasalei will be. 4. Now cover with more water. You have to cook on low heat. About 1 hour. 5. When cooking, the lid should be sealed well.


1. All the spices should be well pasted. 2. The meat should be well drained with water. 3. The pieces of meat should be small. 4. The most important thing is to seal the lid of the cooking pot well. He will cook on low heat.

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mind blowing recipe

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Nice article

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